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At Lily’s place, Jordan tells her that Cane must be sick about this, and warns if Juliet keeps the baby it will change their lives forever.Jordan-reassure-Lily-YR-CBBS Lily agonizes over the situation and how to tell the twins. Jordan only knows he wouldn’t have done what Cane did. Lily continues to worry and beat herself up. Jordan reassures her and says this is all on Cane.

On the pool deck, Mattie and Reed discuss Brash & Sassy as she reveals Lily’s her mom. Reed offers to help Mattie get an internship, but she’s sure her dad has more clout. After Reed swims, Charlie comes over to give him a hard time. A girl walks up and tells ‘Charles’ to call her later. Reed mocks him. After, Mattie admits her brother can be a jerk, but insists he’s really great when you get to know him. She agrees to see a movie with Reed.

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At Brash & Sassy, Cane promises Victoria if she gives him another chance he will make back every dime he cost her.Cane-throw-beaker-YR-CBS He proposes a deal involving the hockey league and Japan. Vikki freaks out. “Japan again!” Cane brings up Billy, and Vikki notes their rivalry isn’t a selling point. She feels Cane should have resigned, and advises him to go repair his family. Vikki walks out as he protests. Cane smashes a beaker on the wall.

Michael-bad-news-YR-CBSOn the Crimson Lights patio, Paul is concerned about Kevin. Michael calls the resort where he’s staying and learns his brother never checked in or canceled his reservation. Michael figures he changed his mind. Paul complains that the person he trusts most to find Kevin…is Kevin. Michael leaves his brother a message, and takes off to run down a lead. He’ll keep Paul posted.

Chloe-Kevin-car-stress-YR-CBSIn the car, Kevin tries to reassure Chloe they’re not being followed. She’s certain Harris will call his accomplice once he gets free. Kevin reminds Chloe that she is ‘dead’ and must stay hidden – she can’t come with him to get Bella. He’ll arrange a new life for them using what he learned about the Witness Protection Program. Kevin assures Chloe he understands why she killed Adam and says they have their whole lives ahead of them.

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In her suite, Juliet flashes to arguing with Cane and Lily. Hilary arrives and warns Cane won’t give up his family for her. Juliet gets defensive, and then apologizes. She thinks fathers are important and any child would be lucky to have Cane as a dad. Hil asks if she has feelings for him. Juliet insists it was a one-night stand, but she wishes to be friends again. Hil thinks that’s a tall order. Juliet doesn’t appreciate her negativity. Cane arrives and snarks about Hilary being there. Hil leaves, and Cane accuses Juliet of trapping him for a payoff. She’s offended, but Cane keeps it up. Juliet argues she didn’t orchestrate this – she got fired because Billy botched a deal. Cane tells her he was fired and demands a paternity test…now. Juliet goes with him as he says he already made the appointment.

Hilary arrives at the pool deck and greets Mattie, as she leaves. Hil joins Jordan, who says, “You knew Juliet was pregnant, didn’t you?” Hil claims she kept quiet to respect Lily and the twins’ privacy. Jordan’s just upset with Cane. Hil muses that Lily could be looking for a guy to get back at Cane with, but Jordan thinks she’ll stand by her man. Nearby, Reed spots his mother arrive and order a drink. Vikki shares she had to fire someone. Talk turns to Reed’s love interest. He reveals she’s Cane’s daughter, Mattie. Vikki gapes. “Cane is the one I fired today.”

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Michael is with Esther at the Chancellor estate when Paul calls – Kevin never boarded his flight to Tahiti. As Michael contemplates an APB, Kevin enters. Michael peppers him with questions. Kevin announces he was in Oregon – he’s moving there and taking Bella with him.

Mattie arrives at home, where Lily wipes away tears discreetly. She warns her daughter not to get her hopes up about the internship. Mattie reveals the boy she’s interested in is Victoria’s son, Reed. She senses Lily is upset and asks if Cane is in trouble.

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