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Billy arrives at Brash & Sassy, where Victoria reveals she’s settling and fills him in on Juliet’s pregnancy. Juliet-Leslie-Billy-Vikki-settle-YR-CBSBilly rants about Cane screwing over the company until Michael arrives with the dollar amount he and Leslie agreed upon. Vikki angrily signs. Leslie arrives with Juliet. Victoria warns Juliet that if any of the details become known, including to her friend Hilary, the deal will be void and she’ll have to pay back the money.

At home, Lily and Cane discuss Mattie’s teacher meeting and Charlie losing his phone. Cane thinks he needs one. Lily huffs her agreement – with Juliet being pregnant they can’t afford any more problems. Cane-twins-Lily-internship-YR-CBSCane tells his wife he has to go see Juliet today about the pregnancy. Lily warns him off approaching her. They rehash how humiliated Lily was when she found out the truth. The twins appear, bickering, and Mattie asks Cane to get her an internship at Brash & Sassy for the summer. Cane waffles and Lily goes on about how he got the company into the Asian market. Once the twins are gone, Cane reiterates to Lily that he has to seek a paternity test. Lily takes his phone when he’s distracted. Once alone, Lily looks at the phone and flashes to Cane admitting the truth.

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Jordan-Hilary-sexy-time-YR-CBSHilary awakens in bed with Jordan. He admires her lingerie and wishes he could photograph her before the predator wakes up. Hilary invites him to show her how to reform. Later, Hilary presses Jordan to admit he was too judgmental regarding her journalistic integrity. He’s about to make it up to her when Lily calls needing a friend. Jordan exits quickly, and says he’ll call Hilary later.

At Dr. Harris’ place, Chloe is fretting about Kevin’s fate when the doc appears with mimosas, still calling her Maggie. Chloe plays along, and asks to see the photo album. She gets him talking about missing his wife and suggests they go to the cemetery and see her. Harris refuses, but is convinced to get ‘Maggie’s’ diploma out again. As he searches, Chloe hits him over the head with the champagne bottle and takes the keys. Kevin-bloodied-YR-CBSHe grabs her, however, just as she gets the door open, and slams it again. Meanwhile, a burned and disheveled Kevin staggers onto the porch with a murderous look on his face. He busts in to find Chloe’s been tranquilized. Harris goes for his gun, struggles with Kevin, and the gun goes off. Once Kevin has Harris tied up, he takes Chloe from the premises. In the car, Chloe focuses on her ‘badass’ and Kevin assures her Harris won’t be a problem anymore.

Jordan arrives at Lily’s place and learns Juliet is pregnant. He’s stunned. Lily reveals she has Cane’s phone and planned to look at his texts with Juliet. Jordan offers to do it. He starts reading them out loud and Lily realizes there’s no evidence Juliet was pressured by Cane. Jordan reminds her he cheated and lied to her for months – she deserves better. Lily worries if she doesn’t forgive him, she’s a hypocrite. She still loves Cane, but rambles that there’s a woman carrying his child.

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Mattie-Reed-parents-YR-CBSCharlie, doing his summer job at the pool deck, spots Reed and needles him. After, Mattie arrives and discusses the tension at home with her brother, who is less concerned about it. Mattie joins Reed and they talk about their post-high school plans. She reveals she’s hoping for an internship at where her dad works – Brash & Sassy. Reed says it’s his mom’s company. Mattie tells him her dad is Cane Ashby.

Cane arrives at Brash & Sassy as Juliet, Leslie, and Michael conclude business. As Juliet goes, Billy remarks there could have been a better way to handle this. Juliet wishes it had been different. After, Cane apologizes to Victoria as Billy snarkily congratulates him on being a daddy. Vikki interrupts their bickering and wants to focus on where they go from there. When Cane offers an opinion, Billy lashes out. Vikki sends Billy out, and tells Cane she can’t trust him. “You’re fired. Effective immediately.”

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Juliet joins Hilary in her suite and warns she signed a non-disclosure agreement regarding the settlement. Hil reassures her, and asks if Cane is really the father. Juliet, stunned, says she’s 100% certain, and worries about Cane hating her. Hilary is surprised when Juliet reveals that she doesn’t plan on parenting alone.

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Paul looks on with concern as Michael says into the phone, “Kevin Fisher. He never checked in.”

Jordan asks Hilary, “You knew Juliet was pregnant, didn’t you?”

Cane tells Juliet, “We’re going to have a paternity test…right now.”

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