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At the pool bar Fourth of July party, Noah interrupts Sharon and Scott’s canoodling, while Devon greets Abby, who arrived alone. Neil and Devon make a speech about Winters-Hamilton, and toast to independence and freedom. Mariah cozies up to Devon afterward, and Abby approaches, surprised she hadn’t heard they were dating.Devon-Abby-not-seeing-it-YR-CBS When Mariah steps away, Abby tells Devon she doesn’t ‘see’ him with Mariah. He snarks defensively about her giving relationship advice, and insists he’s happy. Nearby, Hilary asks Chelsea and Jordan how they met. Chelsea claims they met during fashion week in New York, but Hilary senses there’s more to it. Once alone, Hilary is surprised Jordan doesn’t know Chelsea was a con artist. Elsewhere, Sharon teases Scott, who is giving Nick a wide berth. By the bar, Scott takes in Abby’s American flag bikini and wonders whether to recite the Star Spangled Banner. Meanwhile, Mariah quizzes Tessa about her mood, and learns that Noah wanted to slow things down. Mariah reassures her. Noah brings Nick over to ask Tessa about Nikki. She claims to know nothing about her disappearance. Noah next joins Devon, and they discuss expanding The Underground. Noah approaches Nick about opening a chain. Nearby, Neil catches Devon watching Hilary and Jordan. Devon interrupts them and introduces Jordan to Neil, who enthuses about the shots he’s taken of Lily. Devon follows Jordan to the bar and questions how quickly he patched things up with Hilary.

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The fireworks start and Mariah hollers at Noah for scaring Tessa, and advises him to open his eyes. Sharon notices as Scott needles ‘the Naked Heiress’ and notes she’s alone. Abby launches into a rant about feminism, but is chastened after Scott clarifies he was just going to offer her the empty chair by them. Nick-being-abrupt-YR-CBSAbby approaches Neil and complains about Scott being Victor’s new golden boy. Neil feels she’s the only one in line for the throne. Chelsea warns Nick to be nice as they join Sharon and Scott. The girls chat about Scott’s new company, but Nick abruptly wonders aloud if his dad is using Scott, or if Scott’s using Victor. Scott insists he’s not trying to scam his father or his ex-wife. Nick warns him about hurting someone he cares about. Across the patio, Noah assures Tessa she’s important to him. They kiss. Nearby, Abby tells Nick that Scott’s more altruistic than opportunistic, but assures him she’ll keep an eye on him.

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At Dr. Harris’ house, Chloe panics as she asks what he did to Kevin. Harris replies, “Kevin won’t even make it to the airport, Maggie.” Chloe warily points out she’s not his dead daughter. Harris apologizes and alludes to an unfortunate problem with Kevin’s car. Chloe becomes emotional. Harris presents her with a gift and calls her Maggie again. Chloe rejects the dress. The doctor’s in another world, ready for Maggie’s graduation, and says this time there will be no drunk driving accident – daddy’s stopped that man from hurting anyone this time. Chloe pleads with Harris – Kevin had nothing to do with his daughter’s accident. As Harris goes on about his gifted daughter, Chloe tries a different tack. She pretends to be Maggie and once she’s changed into the graduation dress, searches for a key or phone. Harris reappears and Chloe eyeballs the gun as he retrieves Maggie’s diploma from the safe. She tries to distract him, but is devastated when he locks it. Harris begins the graduation ceremony. Chloe stares at the door as he snaps photos of her in a cap and gown.

Kevin-checks-car-YR-CBSWhile driving, Kevin realizes his car is making loud noises. He pulls over, looks under the hood, and checks the tires with a flashlight. Seeing nothing, he gets back in and starts the car. Smoke pours out. Kevin exits the vehicle as it explodes and is thrown through the air. Later, he lays unconscious on the ground as the flames crackle.

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At home, Scott tells Sharon he had a good time despite her ex-husband. He reveals he always finds time to reflect on Independence Day, and notes the company is better this year.

Still at the party, Hilary and Jordan say farewell to Devon and Jordan. Hil feels they’re finally moving on. Abby notices Mariah watching them and remarks that she thought they’d be circling each other forever.

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