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At the pool bar, Jordan approaches Hilary, who warns him against getting too close after the way he’s been treating her. Jordan needed some time to think, but Hilary feels he was judging her. Jordan notes he hadn’t seen her vindictive side before. Hil admits Lily brings out the worst in her and storms off to get a drink.

Neil-Devon-business-club-YR-CBSIn the Club dining room, Neil and Devon go over business plans and talk about getting ready for the party. Lily’s name comes up and they realize they both know about Juliet’s pregnancy. Neil wants to throttle Cane, and is worried about Hilary running the story, despite Devon’s reassurances.

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon and Nick discuss attending the Fourth of July bash and he admits he’s still trying to get used to the idea of her and Scott. Nick-caveman-Sharon-YR-CBSSharon urges him to be happy for her and insists it doesn’t feel rushed. Talk turns to Scott working for Victor. Nick warns his father likes to control peoples’ lives. Sharon isn’t concerned. On the patio, Paul worries to Scott about Kevin’s prolonged absence– he feels something isn’t right. The police chief reflects on the guilt associated with losing Ricky. They vow to support Kevin. Scott joins Sharon and Nick, who booms, “What’s up?” and remarks that he sees Scott everywhere now. Scott gets defensive. Chelsea appears and drags Nick out. Scott asks Sharon if Nick has an issue with him, or just that he’s the new man in her life. Sharon explains Nick’s protectiveness and insists he’ll relax. Scott seems less certain. He volunteers as a server when the place gets busy and fumbles with the coffee machine. Once the coffee house is closed, Scott kisses Sharon, happy to be alone with her.

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At Dr. Harris’ house, Kevin is unhappy about being locked in while the doctor’s out. Chloe urges him to relax and reminds him they agreed to the rules, but Kevin insists they have to get the hell out of there…now. He feels they must leave and start over somewhere else with Bella. Chloe-photo-album-YR-CBSKevin proposes that he’ll tell Harris he’s going to get Bella and will come back for Chloe afterward. When Harris returns, he hesitates about Kevin’s plan to go for Bella, but they get him onside. The doc hands over Kev’s wallet, but keeps his cellphone. Once Kevin’s gone, Chloe chatters about groceries, but Harris shows a photo of his dead daughter Maggie, who resembles Chloe. She and her mother were killed by a drunk driver. Having Chloe there is like having his Maggie back – he needs to keep her safe. Chloe becomes uneasy and talks about how it will be when Kevin and Bella get back. Harris informs her that he anticipated Kevin’s departure and planned for it accordingly. “Kevin is never coming back.” Chloe panics and asks, “What did you do?”

Tessa-Noah-slow-YR-CBSMariah and Noah weigh in on Tessa’s song at Sharon’s place. Mariah leaves to meet Devon as Tessa enthuses about the fireworks Noah bought. Noah’s glad to be alone with the singer, who tentatively shares her plan to move off the ranch once her music takes off. Noah assures her she doesn’t have to live up to any expectations and admits he wants to move things slower.

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By the pool bar, Jordan tells Hilary her hate for Lily freaked him out. He calls Hil the woman of his dreams. Mollified, she orders a drink for her…and one for her man. Devon appears as they canoodle. Hil steps away, and Devon questions Jordan’s change of heart. Jordan assures him it’s all good and curtly thanks him for his concern. Devon grimaces.Jordan-Hilary-Devon-watching-YR-CBS Nearby, Nick and Chelsea lounge and congratulate Neil on the business. Elsewhere, Hilary needles Mariah about being covered up, and the redhead makes a crack about getting nearly naked for attention. After, Nick caresses Chelsea prior to a dip in the pool, and Mariah talks to Devon about Tessa’s music, but he’s distracted by Jordan applying lotion to Hilary. He suggests Mariah become Tessa’s manager before heading to the bar, where he continues to watch his ex. Hilary tells Jordan she could fall for him, and they kiss. Mariah watches as Devon takes in the PDA.

On the road, Kevin’s car makes a loud popping noise.

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Hilary says to Chelsea and Jordan, “I am dying to hear how this friendship started, before either of you were even in Genoa City.”

Abby, in an American-themed bikini, asks Scott, “Problem?” Scott replies, “No, I’m just deciding whether or not I should recite the Star Spangled Banner.”

Neil introduces the big fireworks show at the Fourth of July bash.

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