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Jack bumps into Victor at the park café and needles him about Nikki. “She’s using you,” Victor suggests. They argue about Newman pushing Nikki into performing. Victor doesn’t want anyone telling him how to handle his wife. Jack suggests there are problems in Victor’s marriage and that only makes the mustache angry. He walks off.

Nick is at Sharon’s complaining about Victor pushing the family to hold the concert. He hates playing happy families. She accuses him of deflecting. When he rejects that, she shows him the door. Nick caves and explains the family is freezing Victor out again for breaking Adam out of prison. He swears her to secrecy and decides to tell Chelsea everything.

Chelsea is in her penthouse. She calls Nick and leaves a message.

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Tessa signs a contract with Devon-CBSDevon joins Tessa at the Club to sign her contract. She’s excited to get into a real studio. Before she can sign, Mariah rushes in and asks if she wants to sign her life to him. She advises her to read before signing but she’s just kidding. Devon lays out his plans for Tessa and they sound good for her. Tessa says she’ll give Nikki notice after the concert. Mariah advises against it. After Tessa signs the contract, Devon takes off to see Lily. In the steam room, Gloria chats with Graham about Genoa City. They discuss her role at Jabot and he asks her how much she’s being paid to probe him. She tries to swap some corporate stories with him but he won’t do it. He admits his future is uncertain but his loyalty is with Dina. Graham wishes he could convince Dina’s family that he has no ulterior motives. Gloria tells him about her own failings as a mother. He takes her hand. Meanwhile, Jack finds Dina in the dining room. They discuss Neil and Devon ignoring her advice. She admires what Jack has done with Jabot. He points out that she’s relied on strangers rather than him. That rankles her. He asks her to Nikki’s performance. Graham joins them with Gloria following. Once Jack and Gloria are left alone, she admits she was having a steam with Graham but things were innocent. He’s interesting and looks fantastic in a towel. She doesn’t think he’s after Dina’s money. If he wants to get Graham away from his mom, he’s going to have to find someone else to help.

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Lily needs some time to think-CBSThings are tense at home for Cane and Lily. He hates himself for what he’s done. She wonders what else he is hiding from her. He offers her all the space she needs and assures her he loves their family. Later, Devon arrives and Lily tells him everything that’s been going on. Devon wonders if Cane might have had sex with Juliet. She doesn’t think so.

Cane jogs down the street and runs into Hilary. She asks him what’s been going on but he’s not interested in talking to her. He accuses her of hurting people and she accuses him of lying at the deposition.

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When Cane gets home, Devon is on his way out. Lily leaves them alone for a second and Devon warns him they will have a serious problem if it turns out that Cane’s been lying about what happened.

Chelsea visits Victor at his office to discuss her new line. They talk about branding. He’s happy she’s part of his family.

Mariah and Tessa are at Sharon’s. The blonde arrives as they yell at the movie they’re watching. After they tell her about the contract, they chat about reinventing yourself.

Nick meets Chelsea at her place. She admits she went to his dad for advice. He paces and then promises to protect her from his family. He loves her. She loves him. They kiss.

When Victor gets home, he finds a note from Nikki saying she’s left for a few days to clear her head.

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“What happened?” Nick asks. Victoria explains, “I found out that Cane has been lying to me the whole time.”

“She doesn’t think I would dangle a job in front of a woman in return for sexual favors,” says Cane. “Because you wouldn’t,” Colin says.

“Cane is the last man around here who would ever be mistaken for a sexual predator,” says Jill. “Thanks for that,” Billy responds.

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