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In Michael’s office, Juliet follows Leslie out as they take a break. Billy remarks on Victoria’s intense display. Leslie returns and announces the judge has approved Lily Ashby being added as a witness. When Leslie deposes Lily, she forces her to reveal that Cane never told her that Juliet saved the Asian deal. Juliet-Leslie-deposition-YR-CBSMichael deposes Juliet next, and highlights her financial situation. As for the sexual harassment, Juliet recounts how Cane put off discussing a job recommendation in favor of having fun – they talked about the job again after having sex. Lily flinches. Michael has her describe how Cane pulled her onto the bed in the hotel room. Juliet explains she felt sex was required if she wanted the job, and she was ashamed. Michael argues they were both intoxicated but Juliet sticks to her testimony. He accuses her of lying about the sexual encounter to get a pay-off. Leslie deposes Cane next, and notes that he claims to remember some things but not others. Cane hollers that he isn’t guilty of sexual harassment. Leslie asks point blank if he’s claiming he and Juliet never had sex in Tokyo. Before he can answer, Leslie rolls out hotel footage from the night in question. Concerned looks are exchanged as the footage shows Juliet help a drunk Cane into his hotel room at night, and leave the next morning at 7:13 AM.

At Newman, Abby notes she hasn’t seen Nikki lately and asks if she’s okay. Vic wonders why she wouldn’t be okay. Victor-Abby-argue-Scott-YR-CBSTalk turns to the booming ticket sales and Abby’s Incubator project. Victor demands she make use of Scott’s expertise to find other start-ups. Abby argues, but Vic insists. He wonders if she’s jealous of him being a protégé. Abby states Scott is not family, and asks why he keeps making her jump through hoops. The debate turns to her loyalty to Jack before she gets called away.

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Tessa arrives at the ranch, where Nikki has collapsed on the floor. She doesn’t want her assistant to call 911. Once Nikki’s doctor’s been summoned, Tessa eavesdrops as Nikki confides that the concert is the source of her stress, and the doctor recommends she eliminate it. After, Nikki, who is feeling better, explains why traveling in an ambulance isn’t good for the Newman image. Tessa argues with her about canceling the performance. Nikki insists she’ll perform as scheduled and orders Tessa never to tell Victor about the flare-up. Nikki grimaces as she tries to play again. Victor enters with the concert poster and wants to hear a preview. Tessa steps away, and Nikki pleads exhaustion, but manages to play for him. Later, Tessa nags her boss to follow doctor’s orders, but Nikki feels she has to do this or Victor wins.

In the Club, Scott updates Lauren that Victor put him in charge of a new digital media company, Hashtag. His mom’s happy for him, and is thrilled he’ll be staying in town. They bicker about Sharon again, and Scott says she’s caring and thoughtful, and he enjoys spending time for her. He warns if Lauren can’t deal with it, she’ll see less of him. Lauren digests the news and suggests they have dinner some time before promising to back off.

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At Crimson Lights, Zach is curt with Sharon. She gets him chatting and brings up Tessa.Sharon-grills-Zach-YR-CBS He wonders why she’s so interested in who he knows, and then claims to barely know the girl – he’s all about business. Sharon refuses his business card; she won’t require a dating site anytime soon. Zach moves away to take a call – he tells someone to speed things up – and Abby appears. They relocate to the patio. Inside, Scott greets Sharon with a kiss. She shares her suspicions about Abby’s partner, Zach, who seems shady. Sharon intends to investigate his connection to Tessa, since Noah’s involved. She’s certain he’s hiding something. Outside, Abby and Zach debate whether their test dates are real dates. She invites him to Nikki’s concert for their third date and he stuns her by declining. When Abby says she wants her family to know who he is, he accepts. Meanwhile, Sharon teases Scott that he gave Abby a smoldering look the other day. He laughs, says it was dislike, and proves he has no interest in Abby by pulling Sharon into a liplock.

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