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At the park café, Billy worries to Victoria that he’ll slip up while testifying for Cane and hurt the company. Victoria isn’t concerned. Billy thinks Cane may still be hiding something, but Victoria disagrees. She plans on humiliating Juliet.

In Cane’s living room, Michael warns his client every detail of what happened in Tokyo will be examined. Cane flashes to being in bed with Juliet and balks when Michael says Lily should be there. Lily appears and sides with Michael – she wants to see Juliet’s face when Cane is vindicated.

In her suite, Dina is miffed about Graham’s cozy meeting with Ashley. Graham protests that she was on a fishing expedition – they don’t understand why he spends time with Dina. She wonders too and asks, “What’s in it for you, Graham?” She sighs that he’s her best friend and most trusted advisor – she has to be able to count on him. Graham reassures her that he’s not interested in Ashley and is focused on protecting Dina. They vow not to let her children cause them any trouble. Outside the suite, Graham calls someone about finalizing Dina’s will.

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At Jabot, Ashley grouses about Jack trying to pimp her out – she won’t hit on Graham for information. Jack argues the territorial Dina will dump him if he shows interest in Ashley. She says she’ll keep reaching out – as a friend. Jack thinks he can do this without her help. After, Ravi updates Ashley; his investigation revealed Graham was a ‘wanna be’ actor with few business credits pre-Dina. Ash ponders the mystery of their connection and muses that Jack plans to drive a wedge between them. She can’t understand Dina letting that man call the shots. Elsewhere, Jack proposes to Gloria that she make a play for Graham. She contemplates whether to kiss him or slap him. Jack complains that the gigolo is exploiting his mother; he needs her help. Glo refuses to get involved.

At Newman Enterprises, Scott presents Victor with the poster for Nikki’s concert. Abby and Scott argue when Victor demands they both spend some time selling tickets for the charity.Scott-Abby-divide-list-YR-HW

Scott and Abby bicker at Chancellor Park as she’s still irked at being assigned to Nikki’s vanity project and he’s looking on the bright side. They decide to make a competition out of it. Later, Scott has sold most of his tickets, and Abby gloats she’s sold all of hers. Scott accuses her of flirting with rich, older guys.

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In her living room, Nikki becomes increasingly frustrated trying to play piano. She imagines being booed and heads for the scotch. Sharon, looking for Faith’s sweater, finds her breathing it in. Nikki massages her hands as Sharon chats her up about the pressure she’s under and confronts her about the alcohol. Nikki refuses her offer of help, but ends up admitting that Victor booked the concert without telling her. Victor calls to say the tickets are on sale. After, Nikki tells Sharon she would have passed on performing for an audience; she plays for fun. Sharon counsels her to approach the concert as fun. Nikki thanks her, smiling, but grimaces over her hand issues once alone. She tries to play again, but the MS symptoms are too debilitating. She calls for help and falls to the floor crying.

Sharon appears at the park and wonders if the bickering Scott and Abby need a referee. They update her on their competition and Abby walks off to take a call. Scott mocks himself for getting caught up, and Sharon remarks that Victor makes things hard for everyone even when he has the best of intentions.

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At Michael’s office, the Brash & Sassy crew, including Lily, a rundown on the proceedings and warns if they fail to tell the truth they could be charged with perjury. Leslie arrives with Juliet and complains that the gathering is an intimidation tactic. Michael argues his clients have the right to be there. Juliet assures her lawyer she won’t let them get to her. Leslie deposes Victoria, who admits Cane wasn’t enthusiastic when she hired Juliet. Leslie asks if Victoria can testify with 100% certainty that Cane could not have used his position to coerce her client into a sexual relationship. Vikki believes her employee and starts ranting confrontationally at Juliet despite Michael’s attempts to stop her. She implores Juliet to stop lying while she can still live with herself.

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Sharon says to Scott, “It’s Abby’s new business partner, Zach. I just think he’s hiding something.”

Zach says to Abby, “You want our third date to be a night out with your family? Sorry.” Abby raises an eyebrow and asks, “You decline?”

Michael asks Leslie, “What’s this about?” Leslie explains, “Hotel footage from the night in question.”

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