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At home, Billy worries to Phyllis about what the lawsuit means for Brash & Sassy, and for Victoria, about whom he’s concerned. Phyllis suggests he be there for her at work or with the kids, but her emotional well-being isn’t his problem. Billy still cares and knows the signs with his ex. Phyllis observes that Victoria’s used to depending on him and he’s used to being there. Billy reassures her it will be different after the lawsuit. Phyllis suggests he see his kids that night. They kiss.

At Michael’s place, he and Victoria discuss the lawsuit. She wishes she felt as confident now as she did going into this. Michael reveals the depositions will be sealed and off limits to the press. They go through Vikki’s testimony and she vows to keep her emotions out of it. Michael reassures her that the facts are on their side. Later, Phyllis arrives to ask Michael how long the case is going to take since Victoria could be using it to keep Billy close. He confirms Victoria is under a lot of pressure, but Phyllis feels she can handle it – these days she’s more like Victor than Victor.

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At Cane and Lily’s place, she explains to her husband Jordan was being supportive about the lawsuit. Cane, looking concerned, embraces her and says she’s lucky to have such a good friend. Jordan goes, and Cane explains Juliet didn’t drop the suit. Lily shares that Hilary is planning to cover it. They think she will enjoy destroying them – they have to present a united front. Mattie and Charlie are called in and Cane breaks the news to them about the sexual harassment suit. Lily assures them it’s a lie. Mattie worries everyone will find out, and Charlie tells Cane he knew they were hiding something. Cane reassures his son.

At Jabot, Jack keeps pushing Dina about Graham. Talk turns to family and Jack recalls how John kept hoping she’d come back. Gloria appears as Jack has an appointment. He asks Dina to stay. Gloria learns she’s staying in Genoa City. Jack’s mother wants to spend time with Gloria so as to learn what makes Jack happy these days. Later, Glo and Jack discuss his mother. She figures he’s always craved her love and approval and is jealous because Graham has more of that from Dina than he does. Talk turns to their relationship and they hash out how it ended. A disappointed Glo sighs, “It was what it was.”

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In the Club, Graham tells Ashley his last name is Bloodworth. She suggests they start over. Graham talks about how he didn’t have an executive position before meeting Dina. He needed a mentor. Further discussion reveals he is from a small place and knows about complicated family dynamics. His parents had a storybook marriage that fell apart. Graham-more-information-YR-HWAsh learns he wishes he’d had more time with them. Graham feels Ash and her siblings are lucky to have Dina back in their lives and should take advantage of it. Dina arrives and Ash leaves after some small talk. Graham tells Dina that Ashley was trying to charm information out of him. Dina saw something more happening. Graham laughs it off, but looks intrigued.

At GC Buzz, Hilary texts Devon to talk. Jordan appears. Hilary acknowledges that history was turning her story on the lawsuit into a personal vendetta – she’ll step back. When Jordan learns Juliet asked Hilary to testify on her behalf, he figures she must be more deeply involved. Hil insists she wants to be a better person and appeals to him to help her stay on this path. Jordan doesn’t buy her act, and wishes her luck. Later, Devon arrives and complains about Hil’s feud with his sister. Hil insists she only recommended a lawyer to a woman who needed help, but then admits that Devon was her balance; her voice of reason… She becomes emotional and Devon holds her as she cries.

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At Victoria’s house, she invites Billy to join her and the kids for dinner. Victoria assures him Michael will win and that she is doing fine. Billy looks back at her as he moves to set the table.

In Jack’s office, Ashley reports what she learned about Graham, and that she’s asked Ravi to do a thorough investigation. Jack wants Ashley to get Dina to turn on Graham, but she tells him to get a grip.

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Jack says to Gloria, “I hate that my mother is being exploited by him. Please help me out.”

Michael greets Leslie and Juliet as they arrive at the deposition. Leslie looks at Billy, Victoria, Cane, and Lily and remarks, “I’m surprised to see so many people here. That’s an intimidation tactic.” Michael replies, “My clients have every legal right to be present.”

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