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Scott arrives in Victor’s office and is surprised to see Abby there. She asks him to research some companies for her, but he refuses. Scott-bicker-Abby-YR-HWThey spar verbally about Scott’s suitability for Newman until he reveals Victor put him in charge of the new digital media company, Hashtag. Abby is upset; as she wanted to be involved, and Scott points out she has no experience in media. She brings up her Naked Heiress activist days. They bicker until Abby snarls that her Incubator project will dominate his media company. She exits, shouting, “Game on!”

Victoria hugs Neil at Brash & Sassy and they discuss the lawsuit. Vikki assures him Michael’s petitioning the judge to throw out the case. Neil says he’ll choose to be optimistic since the alternative is watching his family go to pieces. Victoria is confident it’s not true, unless there are facts she doesn’t have, and is sure it will be thrown out.

At home, Mattie senses something is off with Cane and asks if he and her mom are okay. “You know you can tell me, right?” Cane reassures her it’s just boring office politics and the teen is mollified.

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In the judge’s chambers, Leslie makes her case on Juliet’s behalf. Michael interrupts to makes objections and the judge says he had his chance and should give Leslie the same respect. Leslie continues, and states she has a witness who overheard Cane tell Juliet to return to Tokyo. The judge is prepared to rule.

Hilary is surprised to see Juliet at the Club. She explains that Leslie summoned her back as they may be in a position to settle. Hil declares that is unacceptable – she won’t let her settle. Juliet doesn’t see the problem, but Hilary urges her not to give up and warns that people will see her as a shakedown artist who didn’t have a real case. Juliet’s phone sounds – it’s Leslie.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon chats with Zack about his dating app. Tessa appears and hightails it to the patio when she sees him. Zack follows and she demands to know what he’s doing in town and what he wants from her. Zack hisses at her to calm down and insists he’s an entirely different person who never thinks about Chicago. Tessa snaps that some things are too horrible to forget. They agree not to talk again. Tessa approaches Sharon, who asks about the stressful conversation. Tessa admits he’s the face from the past she told Noah about, but it’s no big deal. Sharon recalls Noah though she’d leave town because of the guy. Tessa says Noah has nothing to be worried about. Later, Abby meets Zack and they enthuse about the dating app. She tells him she’s single and wants to sign up. He shows her his profile and when they ‘swipe’ they laugh and share a significant look.

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At the park café, Reed spots Mattie and complains he didn’t know how to reach her. Mattie admits she’s cautious about giving out personal information, but writes down her digits. She mentions her dad is from Australia and he teases he’ll play Waltzing Matilda at open mic night. Suddenly, Charlie shows up and wants to know why she’s hanging out with ‘Indie poser dude’. The teens square off as Reed hollers about him making out with his ex-girlfriend. Mattie reveals that Charlie is her twin brother.

At Brash & Sassy, Michael informs Victoria and Cane they are going to trial. Cane huffs and paces as Michael goes on about Leslie’s ability to captivate judges and juries. Leslie arrives and offers to make the media spotlight on Brash & Sassy disappear by negotiating a settlement. She writes down a figure that makes Victoria laugh before leaving. Cane tells Vikki she needs to settle! Victoria won’t do that to her company. She vows to fight. Cane exits. Victoria warns Michael they have to keep this as quiet as possible. He stuns her by sharing what Leslie said about Cane nearly torching the Asian deal. It’s the first she’s heard of it!

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Scott and Sharon meet in the park. She tells him Abby’s start-up guy is the same one who almost ran Tessa out of town. They speculate whether Zack is trouble…or if the problem is Tessa. Scott teases about protective mothers and urges her to trust Noah. Sharon invites him for dinner while the girls are away. They kiss.

Leslie meets Neil at the Club and he learns that Juliet’s case was a referral from Hilary. After, Neil confronts Hilary at the bar about trying to tear his family apart. Hil tells him to open his eyes. Cane enters behind them, and goes upstairs to confront Juliet. He pushes into her suite and demands she hear him out.

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Scott asks, “Are you sure about this?” Sharon rips his shirt open. Scott growls, “C’mere,” and grabs her face for a passionate kiss.

Victoria warns Lily they are heading to trial and things could get very ugly, very fast.

Juliet tells Cane, “I’ll tell the truth about what happened between us. Will you?”

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