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At Dr. Harris’ house, Kevin isn’t buying his contention that he acted alone to help Chloe. He declares that he won’t leave without Chloe. She asks to speak to the doctor alone. Harris rants that contacting Kevin was a mistake. Chloe acknowledges he’s afraid of Victor, but urges him to let them go and not tell him. Harris reminds her she needs treatment. Chloe asserts if she stays, Kevin stays. Harris groans and prepares to call Victor. Chloe pulls a gun on him. Kevin returns, hollers, and takes the gun. Chloe proposes they, along with Bella, stay there while Harris treats her. Kevin tries to make her see reason, but Harris relents – they can stay; it’s the best thing for Chloe. Once alone, Chloe tells Kevin she wants Bella there too. He feels that together, they can do anything.

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In Victor’s office, Abby is pleased when he tells her Dina’s staying. She wonders how her mother will react. They rehash Ashley’s abandonment issues. Abby feels she and Ash have great fathers who love them in common. Later, Victor takes a call from Dr. Harris saying everything is great with Chloe. He doesn’t mention Kevin.

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At Jabot, Ashley updates Jack that their mother is planning to stay. Jack wonders how his sister feels about it. Ash insists she’s pleased, but she’s still concerned about Graham. Jack notes that Dina’s no longer alone – she has them. Later, Ashley brings Ravi up-to-speed on the situation with her mother and Graham. Ravi trusts Ash’s instincts; they should find out more about Graham. Ash believes he’s after Dina’s fortune, and Ravi wants to stop him.

In her kitchen, Lily rants to Neil about Juliet’s lawsuit and then apologizes. Neil is fine with her venting, but wonders if she is totally sure of Cane’s innocence. Lily admits she heard him and Juliet arguing one day, and that they got drunk together, but insists Cane didn’t hide anything. Neil wonders if she’s trying to convince him or herself. Lily insists it’s lies. Neil advises her to trust her husband and her judgment.

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Victoria-yelled-at-YR-HWAt Brash & Sassy, Victoria and Michael go over Juliet’s allegations with Cane. He barks that it didn’t happen. Michael thinks the judge will throw out the case. When Victoria questions him, Cane explodes, thinking she believes Juliet. Michael soothes that the burden of proof isn’t on them. Victoria doesn’t need another messy scandal.

Billy and Phyllis contend with his sea of boxes as he moves into her apartment. She pulls out a bottle of champagne. After sex, Billy reflects that they’ve turned the corner. They agree they’ll never be alone again and exchange ‘I love yous’. Billy notices he has a meeting and Phyllis promises dinner as he leaves.

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At the Club, Leslie thanks Hilary for referring Juliet’s case to her. Leslie warns if Hilary has information to bolster the case, now is the time to tell her. Hilary-asked-for-information-YR-HWHil has no doubts about Juliet’s story and hopes Leslie will be her champion. Leslie exits and Phyllis appears, noting Hil looks happy. They go over the trip to L.A., and Phyllis reveals she and Billy moved in together. Talk turns to Juliet’s lawsuit. Phyllis assumes it’s bogus. Hil is confident the truth will come out, and muses how terrible it would be for Lily if it Cane exploited the woman. At the bar, Graham doesn’t want Dina to stay more than a few days; he feels her children don’t have her best interests at heart. Jack appears and speaks to Dina alone. He wants her to move into the house. Graham returns and Dina turns down the invitation.

Billy arrives at Brash & Sassy as Victoria touches Cane’s arm and says she knows he’s a decent person who wouldn’t do what Juliet’s claiming. Once alone, Billy hopes Cane’s telling the truth – he knows what it’s like to drink and do something stupid. Cane is offended and won’t confess to something he didn’t do. Later, Billy informs Victoria that he moved in with Phyllis. She doesn’t want the kids staying over. He’s fine with that, and talk turns to the lawsuit. He feels it’s happening because she fired Juliet instead of him. Victoria defends her decision, and is confident the suit will go away.

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In a judge’s office, Michael makes a strong case for dismissal. The judge tells Leslie he’ll hear her rebuttal tomorrow. Michael mocks Leslie – he thinks it’s a fait accompli.

Cane arrives at home and Lily assures him the judge will see there’s no case and everything will go back to normal.

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