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At Newman Enterprises, Scott complains he hasn’t heard a word about the digital media company and tells Victor he’s out. Victor picks up the phone and asks his secretary to get him the representative from the digital media firm so he can rescind his offer to buy it. Scott backtracks. Victor agrees to put him in charge of turning the company around. Scott insists on being a credible news source, and vows not to let the Mustache down.

At Dr. Harris’ house, Chloe remarks that she’s stuck there and will never see her family again. In the darkness of the front bushes, Kevin pulls out his gun. Inside, Harris and Chloe discuss weaning her off her meds, and he claims he’s helping her to make amends for taking money to release her early. There’s a noise and Harris heads outside. Kevin reveals himself to Chloe. Harris re-enters and demands to know what’s going on. Chloe informs Harris that contacting Kevin was her choice – she loves him and can’t live without him. Kevin asks how she wound up there, and Chloe claims she showed up on the doctor’s doorstep. Kevin is set to take over, but Harris isn’t letting them leave and declares someone won’t be happy about this. He grabs his phone. Kevin demands to know who he’s calling.

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Nikki-practice-Underground-YR-HWNikki grills Tessa in The Underground about her call with Victor. Tessa was just concerned about her and wonders if her husband did something to piss her off. Nikki sighs that she’s just stressed about the concert and wants to practice alone.

In Crimson Lights, Sharon tells Mariah she’s worried Tessa will break Noah’s heart. Mariah insists he can take care of himself, and urges Sharon to give her a chance. Tessa enters, and worries to Mariah about Nikki getting angry with her. Meanwhile, Scott arrives and updates Sharon about his new company. She’s thrilled he’ll run it from Genoa City, but warns him about becoming Victor’s pawn or looking at him as a father figure. Across the room, Tessa tells Mariah that Sharon’s eyeballing her – she presumes she doesn’t want Noah dating her. Sharon steps onto the patio with Scott and theorizes that Tessa’s using Noah to stay on Nikki’s gravy train.

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In Dina’s suite, Graham says she’s doing the right thing and exits to get his luggage. Ashley arrives. Graham returns, but leaves them to their goodbyes. Ash presses Dina to stay and reiterates that she’s concerned about Graham. Dina reassures her, and is moved that she cares so much. Ash is about to go, but gets angry when she learns Dina is ‘walking out’ on Abby without saying goodbye. She rants about Dina being a selfish abandoner. Ash angrily tears up and invites her mother to go back to Paris and put herself first – it’s what she always does.

At the Abbott residence, Jack recalls John telling him as a teenager that his mother wouldn’t be back as she needed time for herself. Abby appears looking to have Jack dissolve their partnership. Jack reminds her he promised Ashley a lab in the warehouse. They bicker, and Jack relents. Talk turns to Dina leaving. Abby is upset about not seeing her. Jack remarks that it’s not the first time she’s left without saying goodbye. Later, Nikki arrives and Jack updates her on the latest with Dina. She’s concerned to hear Graham may be controlling her. Nikki admires a photo and Jack pouts that it was taken right after mother walked out on them. They mull over the people closest to you having the power to hurt you most. Jack tears up reflecting on how it changed them when Dina left. He feels like he’s losing her all over again. Nikki wipes away a tear and advises him to let the lingering pain go. They clasp hands.

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In the Club dining room, Ashley is unloading on Victor about Dina’s behavior when Abby joins them. Abby heads up to her grandmother’s suite and implores her to stay. Dina assures her they’ll stay connected, but it’s not possible to stay. Abby and Dina express their love and embrace. Abby flees. Dina tells Graham, who had returned, that she knows it’s the right thing, but it feels so wrong. Abby, meanwhile, exits the Club. Graham encounters Victor and a hostile Ashley while trying to catch Abby. He relays Dina has decided to stay in Genoa City. Ash snarks about the change in plans. After Graham disappears, Vic urges his ex to watch her mother’s bank accounts as he thinks that given the chance, that man will drain them dry. In her suite, Dina kisses a photo of her family.

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Leslie says to Hilary, “If you have any information about the case, or Juliet’s credibility, now’s the time to tell me.”

Kevin informs Harris, “I’m not letting anyone lock her up, and I’m not leaving here without her.”

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