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At the penthouse, Chelsea calls someone to come over. As she disconnects, Victor arrives and reveals that Nick told him about Chloe. Chelsea feels responsible and the Mustache assures her she’s not. He commiserates – none of them wanted this, but Adam’s killer is no longer running around free. He exits as Kevin arrives. Chelsea tearfully tells him she’s so sorry, “Chloe’s dead.” Kevin paces and protests. Chelsea breaks the news she took her own life.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria is stunned after Nick tells her Chloe is dead and that Victor was hiding her at the doctor’s house. He promised Nikki he wouldn’t tell Chelsea the truth, so they agree it takes a lot of pressure off. Nick just hopes Vikki doesn’t plan to forgive their father. Later, Victor arrives and offers Vikki help with the hockey deal. Victoria knows what’s behind it, and warns things can’t go back to the way they were. Vic admits he adores her and wants the family together. Vikki can’t ignore everything he’s done. They argue about Chloe’s death. Vic tries to blame Nick for pursuing her, but Victoria says it’s all on him. He retorts that the day will come when she needs him, adding that none of them gave a damn about Adam and he didn’t kill him.

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In the Club, Dina, sitting with Graham, expresses disappointment in Devon and Neil’s list of potential board members. Dina thought they would ask some of her associates. Neil mutters about voting blocks. Mergeron warns him to remember who he’s talking to, and Neil questions if she trusts them. She reassures him. The group’s attention switches to Hilary’s interview with Julie Chen, airing on the TV. After, Devon gently explains to Dina that they’re the new owners and would like to do things their own way. He brings up signing Tessa Porter, but Mergeron wants to focus on how they’ll preserve her legacy.

At Jabot, Jack updates Gloria on the Abbott family dinner – he thinks it’s the first of many such gatherings. Glo realizes he’s hoping Dina will stay and warns him to be careful – his mother could hurt him again.

In the Abbott living room, Traci promises Ashley she’ll return soon – especially if their mother sticks around. Ashley is taken aback. Traci explains that Ash’s dinner was so successful Dina might never leave. Ash cautions Traci not to get carried away. They talk about how Dina seemed mellow and eager to ingratiate herself. Traci points out she’s not getting any younger; maybe she realized people are more important than money.

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At GC Buzz, Hilary and Jordan enthuse over the broadcast of her Julie Chen interview. She plans to prove her detractors wrong. Talk turns to Lily. Hil says she’s in for a rude awakening but then covers. Jordan wants to canoodle. They’re kissing when Devon arrives looking for Mariah, who’s out. Devon compliments Hilary’s interview and they lock gazes. Jordan and Hilary talk about L.A. and once alone, Devon accuses Hilary of trying to make him jealous. She retaliates and lets it slip that she knows he and Mariah had sex on the staircase. Devon realizes she was in the condo. Hilary comes clean. They snap about being over each other once and for all, but don’t look entirely convinced of what they’re saying.

Traci arrives at the Club, where Dina is disappointed to hear she’s returning to New York. Graham-Dina-stay-YR-HWTraci reminds Dina she lives in France. Her mother alludes to staying in Genoa City. Once Traci’s gone, Graham appears and suggests Dina shouldn’t think about staying in Genoa City indefinitely – she got her reunion and now it’s time to stick to the plan.

Ashley joins Jack at Jabot – she’s concerned there is something wrong with Dina and that’s why she’s reaching out to them. She wonders about the suspicious Graham always skulking around. Jack is amazed that Ashley cares and is 100% behind her.

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Nick gets to the penthouse where Kevin is still seeking details and yells that Chloe giving up Bella was punishment enough. He listens to their explanations and feels none of it makes any sense. When Nick tries to dissuade him from talking to Dr. Harris, Kevin accuses them of hiding something. Nick argues it won’t bring Chloe back and they give him her sketch. Kevin sobs. Later, Nick assures Chelsea that Kevin will be supported. Chelsea and Nick cuddle and talk about whether they can move forward.

Kevin knocks on the door of Gloria’s suite and falls weakly into her arms, crying. After, she listens as he talks and shows the sketch as proof Chloe still loved him. Suddenly he realizes he’ll have to tell Esther and Bella. Gloria assures him of his strength. He rants about Nick and Chelsea – why couldn’t they leave her alone?

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Ashley asks Graham, “Who are you? What is your relationship with my mother?”

Abby tells Victor, “I just hope what I have to say doesn’t change that.” Victor asks, “Does it have to do with the secret you’re keeping from me?”

Nick says to Nikki, “I want a relationship that’s built on honesty and trust; I don’t want to be like you and Dad!”

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