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At Brash & Sassy, Hilary overhears Cane and Juliet discuss their night together in Tokyo. Later, Juliet takes a frustrating phone call before receiving a text to meet Hilary.

At The Underground, Tessa seems stressed-out teaching Reed so they take a break. Noah wonders if she’s still upset about the incident the other night. She resists his efforts to pry about her mood. Kendall arrives and wants to hang out but he reminds her he’s still dating Zoey.

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In Dina’s suite, Abby confronts her grandmother about the many years she never reached out. Dina claims she was afraid – of Abby’s mother. Dina tears up and says she kept her distance to keep the peace. Abby wonders if she is hoping to establish a relationship. Dina feels it’s not too late. Talk turns to Victor and Abby opens up about her issues surrounding work. Dina remarks on Abby’s closeness with her mother. Abby feels Ashley would like a better relationship with Dina, and believes her grandmother is sincere about making amends. Dina gets choked up and they embrace.

At Jabot, Jack crows to Ashley about capitalizing on Brash & Sassy’s hockey debacle. Ash reminds him Victoria’s working to fix it, and they bicker about Jack’s vindictiveness. Jack feels Ashley should be as protective of their mother as she is of Billy. After, Ravi joins Ash, who asks if he can create an app to make her mother disappear. She complains about Dina’s abandonment and Ravi advises her to trust her gut with her mother.

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Lily arrives at home and calls out for Mattie and Charlie (played by Lexie Stevenson and Noah Alexander). Mattie soon appears and talks about wanting her schoolwork to be perfect. Lily advises her to cut herself some slack. When Mattie studies, Lily worries about Charlie’s whereabouts. His sister figures he’s with some poor unsuspecting girl.

Jack visits Cane at Brash & Sassy to gloat about Billy’s downfall. Cane hopes he doesn’t bring down the company. Jack remarks that Cane didn’t even have to get his hands dirty – Billy did this on his own.

At Crimson Lights, Kendall learns Zoey is meeting a hot lacrosse player and texts Reed to come hang out. When Reed arrives he finds Zoey on the patio making out with the lacrosse player – Charlie. Reed tells him he can have Zoey and snarks at Kendall as he exits.

Reed leaves The Underground and Tessa assures Noah she had a good time on their date. She gets testy when he cracks a joke and Noah asks what’s going on. Tessa declares she’s leaving Genoa City. Noah wants her to stick around because he cares about her. Tessa opens up about hiding from the guy she saw at the coffeehouse, whom she knows from Chicago. Noah asks if he was abusive, and Tessa clams up. Noah vows to protect her if she trusts him.

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At GC Buzz, Hilary tells Juliet she overheard her talking with Cane. “I cannot believe you spent the night together in Tokyo.” Hilary-confront-Juliet-YR-HWJuliet denies it but Hilary insists she wants to help. She asks how long the affair’s been going on. Juliet blurts they had sex one time. She explains drinks were involved; it meant nothing, and warns Hilary not to mention it on her show. Hilary hints about advising a wife she’s been cheated on. Juliet warns there’ll be no coming back from ripping Lily’s life apart, plus she’ll make sure Hil lives to regret it. Once alone, Hilary checks to see that their conversation was videotaped and smiles.

Dina arrives at Jabot, just as Ashley has told Ravi how her abandonment affected her personal relationships. Introductions are made and Ravi retreats. Dina ‘lah di dahs’ over Ashley’s young man – they have more in common than she thought. Ashley moves to leave until Dina reveals she met with Abby. Furious, Ashley says she won’t let Dina hurt Abby as she did her. Dina regrets what she did but feels Ash is a hypocrite since she kept Abby’s paternity a secret. Ash defends herself. She is screaming at Dina when Jack enters. Ash storms out. Dina composes herself and enthuses to Jack that she met Abby and wants her family together again. Jack intones that it will take some time. Dina fawns over her ‘sensitive child’ Jack. Elsewhere, Ash rants to Ravi that Dina is working to get Jack and Abby onside. Ravi tells Ash her anger gives Dina the upper hand.

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Cane enters his house in time to hear Mattie tell her mother she’s excited by business management. Once alone, Lily asks if Cane’s heard from Victoria. Cane sighs that it’s still in limbo. They agree no matter what happens they have their family.

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Reed sees Billy making out with Phyllis.

Mariah, with Devon, asks Hilary, “Is that it? Tomorrow’s big story?”

At Brash & Sassy, Juliet warns Cane that Hilary knows about their one night stand.

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