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At Brash & Sassy, Phyllis gives Billy a pep talk when he worries about the hockey commercial. He feels foolish for having joked about betting. Phyllis is confident Victoria will fix it. After, Juliet and Billy discuss how things went wrong so quickly. Juliet observes that someone will have to take the fall.

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At home, Cane tells Lily he would have stopped the clip from airing had he known Victoria planned to broadcast it live. Lily is puzzled – the idea was to promote what they’ve all been working on, so why would he want to stop that? Cane deflects by complaining about Billy ruining all their hard work. Lily reveals she met with an agent, who may have new opportunities for her. Cane feels out of the loop. Lily reassures him she made no decisions. Cane heads to the office as Lily asks him not to be hard on the others.

Cane arrives at Brash & Sassy as Juliet tells Billy she should have asked for a confirmation email. Juliet-caught-blame-YR-HWCane urges her not to blame herself – this falls on Billy. A three-way argument ensues until Juliet steps out to take a call. Cane keeps griping to Billy, who feels Victoria will pull this out of the fire. Cane wonders what he thinks the odds are on that. After, Cane tells Juliet he’s sorry she got caught up in this mess, and talk turns to Tokyo.

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At the penthouse, Chelsea updates Nick on her trip; they’re one step closer to finding Chloe. They marvel at Chloe, or whoever was helping her, keeping her transfer a secret. Chelsea is stoked to head to Louisiana, but Nick urges caution. Chelsea advises she’ll use every trick she knows to get justice for Adam.

Victor heartily welcomes Dina into his office. She beams that it’s great to be back. Victor is surprised to hear someone from Newman contacted her directly. He asks how her children reacted to her return. Dina feels Ashley will never get over her leaving John. Vic recalls when Ashley learned Brent was her biological father. He shares that they aren’t as close now, but have their daughter in common. Dina remarks on how Ashley deceived him about Abby’s paternity – how can she judge others so harshly? Vic senses Dina wants his help with Ashley. He regrets not healing the wounds with Adam and will consider it. Dina and Abby pass each other as Mergeron leaves. Abby joins Victor and is startled to hear that was her grandmother in reception. Victor reveals she asked about her, but concedes she didn’t ask to meet her.

At Jabot, Ashley grouses about Dina and Jack debates with her. Ash sniffs that he can do what he wants. Phyllis sticks her head in – she’s back after that nasty virus. Jack makes a crack about the weather in Los Angeles to show he’s onto her. Phyllis listens as he remarks on her tan and how he tried to have chicken soup delivered but she wasn’t home. The Abbott siblings quiz her on Billy’s blunder. Phyllis concedes it could be damaging to Brash & Sassy and Billy’s future. They bicker about Jack having it in for Billy. Phyllis goes, and Jack chortles to Ash about Billy screwing up. Ash is pissed he can forgive Dina but not their brother. She gets a text from Victor to meet. Jack heads into the corridor where Billy emerges from the elevator. Jack tauntingly asks about his day. Phyllis appears. Jack listens from his office as Billy tells her he has to spend the night with the kids.

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At GC Buzz, Mariah is taken aback when Hilary compliments her interview with Dina Mergeron. She thinks L.A. mellowed her out. Hil remarks on having to be professional to get through her interview with Lily. Later, Lily arrives and bickers with Hilary about what the agent told the model. Mariah interrupts. Lily fills Hilary in on the clip debacle. Hil worries about blowback for her show. Mariah suggests she get Billy’s side of the story.

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At Crimson Lights, Victor and Ashley discuss Dina. Ashley is outraged that she tried to recruit her ex to play on her sympathies…and that he went along with it. Vic croons about healing wounds, but Ash remains unimpressed. The Mustache brings Abby into it. Ashley gets emotional and Vic apologizes if he overstepped, but advises there’s no worse poison in life than regret.

Abby knocks, and Dina invites her into her suite. Abby was surprised to get her message. Dina figures Ashley made her out to be a monster and wants the chance to change her mind.

Hilary arrives at Brash & Sassy in time to hear Cane and Juliet discussing what happened between them in Tokyo. He’ll never forgive himself for what happened and feels ashamed for that.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Noah says to Tessa, “First you tell me that you’re fine, then you’re biting my head off. What is going on?”

Dina says to Ashley, “You have done the same thing in your life.” Ashley retorts, “I never abandoned my child!” Dina replies, “Oh but you lied about her paternity.”

Hilary says to Juliet, “I cannot believe that you spent the night with him in Tokyo.”

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