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At Newman, Victor tells Scott he has another special project for him. He asks him to find a venue for a concert to make Nikki happy. Scott is irked, but Victor doesn’t care. Scott scoffs – does he want him to book Adele. Victor, unamused, reveals that Nikki will be the headlining act and mentions her MS. Chastened, Scott exits to get the job done.

Sharon and Nick chat at Crimson Lights. He reports he’s supporting Chelsea’s search for Chloe. Talk turns to Sharon’s schooling and her work at the crisis hotline. Nick admires her compassion for others. Scott joins them and Nick learns Grainger is working at Newman. Nick issues some words of caution and offers him a bartending job if he wants to quit. After, Scott asks Sharon if she’d like to get out of there. On the patio, Nick leaves Chelsea a voicemail as Abby appears and crows about her increased responsibility at Newman. Nick remarks on Victor bringing Scott into the inner sanctum and grouses that their father owns Scott now.

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In Napa Valley, Chelsea meets with a woman at the mental facility and says she’s concerned about her sister, Chloe. She pretends to be surprised that Chloe was released, and weaves a tale about their mother dying and an inheritance in an attempt to get confidential information. When that fails, she offers a bribe, which prompts the woman to ‘hypothesize’ about a patient being moved to a more secure facility…perhaps in Louisiana.

In his living room, Jack looks at an article about Dina’s company and flashes back to feeling neglected when he was a child.

At the Club, Ashley congratulates Neil on acquiring Mergeron Enterprises, but complains about her mother’s stint on TV. Neil plays psychologist – Ash reverts to her childhood when she sees Dina. Ash senses he likes her mother. Neil understands Ash resents her, but advises her to deal with the feelings like he did. He shares that Dina has a suite there before leaving. Later, Jack visits Dina in her suite – she wanted to have breakfast together and catch up. His mother reveals she’s retaining a board seat at her company and he snarks about her spending more time with her ‘companion’ Graham. Jack questions the timing of her wanting to reconnect. Dina wonders if he wants her to leave town. Jack gets confrontational about her deal with Neil and her agenda in bringing up family on TV. Dina is hoping for a fresh start – or at least get to a place where they don’t hate her. Jack replies that he doesn’t hate her; he barely knows her. Down at the bar, Ashley strikes up a conversation with Graham as Jack and Dina appear. Ash snipes about her pathetic turn on GC Buzz. Jack and Graham intervene to cut the tension short. Ashley warns Jack that Dina is lying to him. “Please tell me you know that.” Jack questions his sister’s inability to be civil and Ash snaps that Dina got to him. Jack isn’t going to cling to hurt and waste this time with her.

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Nikki-insists-Tessa-good-enough-YR-HWAt the ranch, Nikki remarks to Tessa about her plans with Noah. Tessa assumes she doesn’t want her to see him anymore. They go over Noah taking her to the Club and Nikki insists she has never felt Tessa wasn’t good enough for Noah. Victor calls to summon Nikki to Newman, and invites Tessa as well.

At the park café, Scott complains to Sharon that he feels trapped by being beholden to Victor, whom he suspects is taking advantage of it. Sharon is glad he opened up to her. “You can trust me.” Scott talks about an international arms dealer case he worked on, in which he protected the criminal’s wife. He then went to the Middle East. Sharon observes that protecting the woman he loved almost cost him his life. They hold hands. Sharon says he’s brave and they kiss.

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Nikki and Tessa arrive at Newman, where Victor is with Dean Miller and chortles about his plan for Nikki to put on a concert to give hope for MS patients. Once alone, Nikki hisses at Victor that whatever he wants out of this, he’s not going to get it. They argue. Nikki feels manipulated but agrees because it will help people. Vic feels that’s not the only reason. “No one will ever love you as I do.”

Tessa arrives at Crimson Lights, where Abby is meeting with Zack to give him keys. When she spots the guy she exits hastily and calls someone. She says it’s been a long time but she is sure it’s him. He didn’t see her and she wants to keep it that way.

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