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In the hotel lobby in Hollywood, Hilary and Lily spar verbally until Lily notices Cane grimacing and Victoria lashing out at Billy, who insists he was joking in the incriminating footage.Vikki-Billy-Juliet-Cane-disaster-YR-HW Billy questions Juliet about the league having given approval. She thought they had, but is suddenly unsure. In Billy’s room, Phyllis is impatient for Billy’s return and sends a text. Downstairs, Billy gets the text, but is dealing with Victoria. Nearby, Cane complains to Lily that he’s exhausted. Billy, Vikki, and Juliet continue to try and get the facts straight about the footage. Juliet supposes she didn’t get confirmation that the league had seen all of the footage. Billy and Victoria approach Cane to get answers from Jesse, who shot and edited the video. Cane balks, but Vikki orders him to get Jesse there immediately. Elsewhere, Hilary runs into her former agent and suggests they work together again. He wants an introduction to Lily, so Hil takes him to the rooftop and obliges. After dismissing Hilary, the agent offers to turbo-boost Lily’s career. She listens to his pitch and assures him she’ll talk to Cane about it. In Billy’s room, she is getting angry about not hearing from Billy. In the lobby, Jesse arrives and plays his footage, which stops in the middle of Billy’s betting conversation. Cane jumps in to blast Billy for being a recovering gambling addict who trashed the campaign. They bicker. Billy decides he’ll go to Toronto to see the hockey executives. He goes to pack and Cane tells Victoria she should go to Toronto…alone. Upstairs, Billy is updating Phyllis when Victoria knocks. Phyllis hides and Victoria informs Billy she’ll be going to Toronto. He’s ticked off so she lectures about his poor judgment. Before leaving, she hollers, “You can come out now, Phyllis.” Phyllis emerges. She didn’t want to make things worse for Billy than they already are. Vikki replies that would be pretty much impossible and exits. Elsewhere, Cane meets Jesse, who wants money to keep quiet about what he had him do. Cane isn’t happy about the shakedown but forks over the cash.

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Jack arrives at the ranch with a book for Nikki. She clucks that she’s been concerned about him after seeing Dina on TV. Jack grimaces that he had a run-in with her, but has low expectations. Nikki demurs that Dina is complicated. Jack opens up that part of him wants to maintain a connection. Nikki muses about it being hard to walk away – she’s glad that Jack hasn’t closed his heart to Dina. Jack notes that Nikki has forgiven Victor time and again. Nikki advises Jack to make his own choices about Dina – she won’t be around forever.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victor is displeased with Scott’s lack of results on discovering Abby’s connection to the mysterious payments. Scott suggests it was a random accounting error, which Vic dismisses as bunk. “I smell a rat.” Scott is on it. He runs into Abby in the corridor and reveals they were discussing her. Scott needs her to give him a crash course in accounting. Abby scoffs about him not going to business school, and he recalls she went to the University of My Daddy Just Handed Me This Job. Abby busts into Victor’s office to complain, and Vic insists she make Scott her priority.

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Nick shows up at Chelsea’s penthouse. He wasn’t sure she’d take his call. She’s not either. He gains entrance to talk, and Chelsea updates him on her visit to his father. Nick admits he already knew, and Chelsea wants to establish they’re on the same page. Nick urges her to go find Chloe – she needs this – but he can’t do it with her. He wants the closure…for them. Chelsea reveals she’ll research Chloe’s time in California. Nick thinks it’s a solid idea. They kiss and he suggests they keep this between them. Once alone, Chelsea books a flight to San Francisco.

At Jabot, Jack pecks Abby’s cheek when she arrives and tells him about the dating app guy she found for their start-up. She’s pleased that Jack trusts her. They talk about her paranoia regarding Scott. Jack assures her no one will trace the payment. Abby crows that Scott is no match for her.

At Newman, Scott looks at a check for the mysterious payment on his laptop.

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At the ranch, Victor stresses to Nikki that Chelsea finding Chloe could be disastrous – she and Nick need to keep him informed. Nikki can’t believe he’s ordering them around. She reminds him she never wanted this, but nixes a talk about feelings. Nick arrives and reports that Chelsea’s not pursuing he search for Chloe.

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Nikki says to Tessa, “He had a really bad break-up.” Tessa replies, “You don’t want me to see Noah again. It’s fine, just say that.”

Scott enters Victor’s office. “You wanted to see me?” Victor says, “I have another special project for you.”

Chelsea shakes a woman’s hand and says, “Thank you for meeting with me. I’m very concerned about my sister…Chloe.”

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