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Backstage at the commercial shoot in Hollywood, Lily and Juliet chat about hot hockey players. Cane joins them. They want to see the behind-the-scenes footage, but he refuses. The girls are puzzled, but Cane claims the video still needs approval.

At the hotel in Hollywood, Billy stands in his room wondering where Phyllis is at, while on the rooftop, Hilary spots both Phyllis and Victoria and calls out to Vikki, thereby giving Phyllis a heads up. Hilary-rooftop-phone-YR-HWWhile Hilary keeps Vikki chatting, Phyllis slips away. Victoria suggests Hilary premiere the hockey players on her show. She touts the exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and throws in an interview with Lily, which Howard pops in to accept. Hilary huffs about how she can’t get away from the witch. Phyllis joins Billy in the room and assures him his ex didn’t see her. Billy shares the shoot was a success and explains he has to meet Victoria. When Billy reaches the rooftop, Victoria informs him of the plans she made with Hilary and Howard. He takes off to get approval on the footage. Later, Victoria knocks on the door of his room, as Phyllis stays quiet inside.

At the set, Billy presses Juliet to get the approval. She makes a call and learns they’re all set.

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On the hotel rooftop, Lily and Cane relax until Juliet appears, frantic about Lily’s interview. Lily had her phone off and grimaces to hear she’s going on The Hilary Hour. In the lobby, Hilary complains to Jordan and Howard about interviewing Lily. Howard advises her to suck it up as Billy, Victoria, Cane, and Lily arrive. Vikki heaps praise on Billy and goes on about the trip to San Diego. Billy returns to his room and breaks the news of the family trip to Phyllis, who takes it in stride. They make love. Back in the lobby, The Hilary Hour is underway. As Hil introduces the exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, Cane whispers to Juliet that she’s wrong about legal having approved it. Billy joins the group as Hilary announces footage of him. Everyone’s jaw drops as a clip of him talking bets with the hockey players airs. Billy protests to an irate Victoria that it was joking. Her phone rings and after the call she angrily declares the hockey deal is dead!

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Chelsea eyeballs her fake passports in the corridor at Newman. Inside, Victor is meeting with Scott, when Abby knocks and enters. After she leaves, Vic wants to know what Scott has learned about his daughter. When Scott reports nothing out of the ordinary, Vic mutters about digging deeper. He tells Scott about the mysterious payment that came in and sends him to do his job. Once Victor’s alone, Chelsea enters. Vic recognizes the fake passports as those he had made for her and Adam. She wants to find out if the person who made Chloe her passport is the same one who made those for Victor. He plays along, saying he’ll see what he can do. Chelsea lingers outside the office, where Scott finds her. She fills him in on the passport question until Vic calls her back in to say his passport guy didn’t help Chloe. He assures her he’ll find Chloe. Chelsea rejoins Scott, who theorizes that someone helped Chloe get released from the facility. Chelsea vows to find Chloe’s accomplice.

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon wonders what’s getting Nick down. He confides there’s a rough patch with Chelsea right now as she keeps searching for Chloe. Sharon questions him wanting her to drop it when he was so gung-ho before; she can see Chelsea’s point. Nick claims life is too short to obsess over Chloe, but Sharon still feels there’s something he’s not telling her. Nick crabs about Victor, but Sharon doesn’t buy it. She accepts he’s not going to confide in her, but advises him to stand by Chelsea. On the patio, Abby meets with an entrepreneur named Zack (played by Ryan Ashton) who created a dating app, and talks to him about her start-up project. Sharon happens along and weighs in on dating apps. Abby tells Zack she’ll draw up the paperwork.

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At The Underground, Vic informs Nick that Chelsea is still searching for Chloe. Nick rehashes Victor’s involvement with Chloe, but the Mustache doesn’t want to hear it. He expects Nick to report to him on Chelsea’s actions, and orders him to tell her to stop searching for Chloe.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Nick says to Chelsea, “Go find Chloe. Do whatever it takes to find her; you need this.”

Scott says to Abby, “What school did you go to? I think it was the University of My Daddy Just Handed Me This Job.”

Billy hollers about Jesse, who shot and edited all of the footage. Cane complains about Billy trying to pin this on someone. Victoria orders Cane to get Jesse there immediately so they can talk to him.

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