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Ashley is shocked to arrive at home and find her mother there. Dina digs into her dating life until Ash changes the topic to the business sale. Ashley can’t wait until she flies out of town. Her mother would like to stick around and catch up. Ash snipes at her not bothering to show up when John died. That sends Dina away.

Jack and Gloria are at his office. When he jokingly asks if she has a date, she gets defensive and accuses him of no longer wanting to continue their ‘friendship’ now that everyone knows about it. At the beginning, it was mortifying, but it became more. He’s been impressed by how she handled things with Bella and Kevin. He insists he’s not embarrassed by her. She’ll be at the Club if he wants to make it up to her.

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Billy and Victoria make plans-HWIn LA, Cane and Lily are being smarmy and flirty on the hotel roof. They go off for dinner. Meanwhile, Victoria and Billy discuss the commercial. She believes in his abilities. He’ll be relaxed when it’s in the can. They recall their last trip to the city and have dinner as the sun goes down. She feels like a ‘fuddy-duddy’ but he admires how organized she is. Inside, Hilary finalizes her interviews on the phone. Jordan joins her and she goes on about LA. He wonders if she’ll stick around. They go up to the roof, chat about her moving, and make out a bit. He can see she’s determined to succeed. Back inside, Phyllis arrives at reception and asks for a key to Billy’s room. The clerk can’t do it. She hides behind a map as Juliet strolls by. The clerk lets her know Billy’s room number. Back on the roof, Juliet joins Hilary and Jordan. The women discuss Cane and what Juliet did to win him over.

Cane and Lily drive around, gabbing about food and celebrating her success. He’s proud of her.

Jordan and Hilary discuss LA-HWCane and Lily bump into Jordan and Hilary in the hotel lobby. Jordan asks everyone to get along. They pay each other compliments. Upstairs, Phyllis sneaks around the hallway and past a maid into Billy’s room. When he and Victoria arrive outside, she tells him she booked a trip for them and the kids in San Diego. He likes that idea. After they awkwardly say goodnight, he enters his room and finds Phyllis in his bed.

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Sharon and Scott bump into Lauren at the GCPD. The ladies discuss Sharon’s work for the crisis hotline. She’s realized she doesn’t have real problems compared to everyone else. Christine asks to speak to him alone. When they are, she then interrogates him. He insists there is nothing for her to worry about and fills her in on his new job. She shows him some gruesome images from a sex trafficking ring. Scott would like to but he can’t help.

Tessa and Noah go to the Club. She’s impressed but makes light of its classiness. They sit in a corner and chat until she spots his mom with Scott across the room and discuss his romantic failures. The topic turns to her family. She’s evasive but mentions her kid sister. Scott and Sharon notice they are being watched. They discuss her day at the hotline. He admires her authenticity and genuine empathy. Scott says he’s lived a double life. He used to do intelligence work in the Middle East. Journalism was his cover. Meanwhile, Gloria sits at the bar. Dina and her companion, Graham, sit down beside her. Jack comes in, startled to see her. Dina throws her arms around him. Gloria nearly falls over. After Jack and his mom chat, he introduces her to Gloria, who heads upstairs. Dina tells her son she wants to spend some time catching up after she gets a good night’s sleep. She and Graham go upstairs. Jack stares off. He’s too upset to answer Gloria’s texts beckoning him to bed.

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Jack and Ashley watch GC Buzz. Mariah says, “Dina Mergeron, a renowned figured in the international business community, is here to make a stunning announcement.”

After Julie Chen is pointed out to her, Hilary exclaims, “Yes! One of my journalism heroes! I have to meet her!”

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