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Lily, Cane and Jordan arrive in LA-CBSBilly, Juliet and Victoria arrive in Hollywood and check into their hotel. Newman hands out room keys and Billy sends Juliet off with a to-do list. Victoria wants some r-and-r but Billy doesn’t know if there will be time. Meanwhile, Lily, Jordan and Cane are on the rood looking at the view. She jumps up and down when she spots a billboard with her face on it. She’s glad that her husband has been behaving himself around Billy. As they make out, Billy and Juliet arrive and the Abbott stares over at them. Later, Jordan starts taking pictures of Lily standing in front of her billboard. Back inside, the Brash & Sassy execs meet with the director and Cane offers to take over the behind-the-scenes video. Juliet returns to the roof and hangs out with Lily. Jordan starts taking photos of them. Cane makes some calls, hires a cameraman and then tells Victoria about his plans. He approaches his wife as she tries to memorize her lines. Cane offers to help. Later, Victoria sits down with Billy. He tells her what a great job she’s been doing. She looks over his itinerary and decides to order them a table. Back indoors, Hilary floats around the hotel, making calls to set up interviews. She bumps into Jordan and brags as she waves her room key at him. They go up to their room. Later, she heads to the roof and scowls when she spots the billboard of Lily, who stomps over to demand why she’s there. She bans her from the set for her commercial. Meanwhile, Cane calls his video people and asks them to shadow Billy.

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Noah stops by the ranch. Nikki guesses he’s there to see Tessa. He tells her she was accosted by a creep and it wasn’t pretty. She clearly knew how to deal with him but seemed distraught. Tessa eavesdrops and then interrupts. She insists she’s fine and Nikki goes off to order cook to work. She returns with food as they make their date plans. Once he’s gone, Tessa tells Nikki how odd it feels to have people do things for her. Nikki says she deserves it and tells her about how she had to learn to depend on herself too. When she asks her about living in her car, Tessa gets defensive and refuses to be a charity case. She storms off. Nikki stops her from leaving and tells her how much she admires her. She just wants her to be safe. Tessa tears up.

Ashley talks to Phyllis about Billy-CBSAshley calls Phyllis into her office to discuss her reunion with Billy. Ash isn’t exactly thrilled by it and neither is Jack, regardless of what he says. She accuses Phyllis of not caring about anyone else’s feelings. Phyllis says Billy deserves affection. She loved Jack but Victor destroyed that and they need to move on. Getting wrought up, Phyllis lectures her for insulting her and tells her to look at her own life. Ashley trashes her as sad, delusional and obsessive, pointing out that Billy is off with his ex. Phyllis tells her to suck it up and storms out. Soon after, Abby pays her mom a visit and confesses to calling her grandmother. That doesn’t go over well. Abby says Dina was cold and doesn’t think much of Newman. They discuss Hamilton-Winters buying Mergeron. Ashley is sure that her mother is not negotiating in good faith. Meanwhile, Phyllis calls Billy to check in. He tells her how great things are but has to get off the line when Victoria gets them a table.

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Michael and Neil talk business-CBSMichael arrives at Devon’s and informs him and Neil that Dina has agreed to accept their price. But there are other issues that may not be negotiable. The lawyer tells them they can still walk away. Even if they buy the company, Dina isn’t going anywhere and she’s unpredictable. If they let her on the board, she could make problems. Devon thinks she could be an asset. Neil agrees. After signing some paperwork, he and Michael leave. Abby bustles in. She and Devon discuss her grandmother and she admits to knowing nothing about her. She assumes there must be more than she’s heard and asks for details. He says she’s intimidating and elegant.

Ashley heads home. She’s startled to find her mother there.

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