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Billy drops by Victoria’s. They chit-chat and then he announces they have something to hash out, a schedule for his visits with the children. She says he can come by whenever he wants. He’s relieved that they’re in a good place.

In Victor’s office, he tells Scott and Abby that he wants them to acquire a new media company. The blonde leaves as soon as possible. Victor explains to Scott what he wants him to watch for with Abby. Scott doesn’t understand why he doubts her so much. “Ambition does strange things to people,” he says before doling out some fashion advice.

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Phyllis wanders into Crimson Lights and talks to Nick about upsetting Victoria. She assures him this is not a rebound. She wanders outside and bumps into Scott. They discuss his new assignment and her love life. He hopes things work out for her. She advises him not to let Victor use him.

Jordan tells Chelsea what he's learned-CBSJordan visits Chelsea at her place. He’s done some digging and learned nothing. Whoever helped Chloe must have some major connections. Chelsea’s determined to keep digging. Later, Nick drops by with muffins. She obsesses over Chloe and her accomplice. “I want you to help me,” she says. Nick thinks they should let the professionals deal with this. That infuriates her and she asks him to go. Once alone, she thinks of Erasmus.

Ashley and Jack discuss their brother and his ex getting together again. He insists that they can do what they want but his sister wonders how he really feels. Jack says he and the redhead were doomed from the beginning. She doesn’t buy his nonchalance. He confirms there’s slim to no chance he’ll ever forgive his brother. Later, Abby drops by and starts complaining to Jack about Victor hiring Scott. She rages. Jack assures her that Victor only cares about a person’s last name and advises her to play this carefully. Ashley joins them and advises her daughter to do the best she can. Later, Jack runs into Phyllis outside his office and hands her a file, asking her to analyze some figures for Fenmore’s. It will require a lot of overtime. She wonders if this is because of Billy. He insists otherwise and warns her that Victoria will be turning the screws on his brother.

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Phyllis explains something to Victoria-CBSJuliet and Cane are working at Brash & Sassy. She gossips about Victoria and Billy. He’s sure she’ll get tired of being let down. Later, Billy and Victoria join them for a meeting. Billy wants to start some national TV ads for their new campaign. The Newman is impressed and calls Lily and Jordan in. Soon after, Lily eagerly makes plans but Cane is annoyed that Billy got this green-lighted. He thinks that Victoria wants Billy back and is prepared to bankrupt them to do it. She gets annoyed and wonders why he isn’t happier for her success. Meanwhile, Victoria wants Juliet to work with Billy. Once Billy and Victoria are left alone, he tells her how much he appreciates her open mind. As she leaves, she bumps into Phyllis, who apologizes for not letting her hash things out with Billy. Smugly, Victoria tells her that Billy will be tucking the kids in every night. The Newman adds she’s taking a trip with Billy to LA and then jumps on an elevator. Back in the office, Billy and Cane start bickering about which of them is a screw-up.

Ashley goes to Victor’s office and questions why he hired Scott to trail after their daughter. After a little bickering, he calls Scott in. The mustache has him explains his position. She’s satisfied. The mustache exits and Ashley tells Scott not to do anything to make her daughter look bad. Meanwhile, Abby runs into Victor by the elevator. He cryptically tells her she has nothing to worry about.

Jordan and Lily go to Crimson Lights and discuss their new commercial. She’s nervous about it and he promises he will keep her steady.

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“I’m sure he’s drooling at the thought of finding proof that I’m not this loyal daughter!” Abby worries. “Only if there’s proof to be found,” says Ashley.

“Are you keeping him at Brash & Sassy for business or personal reasons?” Jack asks Victoria.

“Do you know where he went?” Phyllis asks. “Victoria’s house,” Juliet tells her.

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