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Mariah and Hilary tear at each other’s hair as they scream and fall on the floor of GC Buzz. Hilary tells her that she will never replace her in Devon’s heart.

Kevin and Chelsea are sitting outside Crimson Lights and having coffee. They go over what Chloe did to him. She wishes he would accept how twisted Chloe is. Kevin thinks the system failed her. Chelsea doubts infinite therapy would help that woman. After Chelsea leaves, Mariah joins him for the same conversation, only she’s more positive. Then the topic turns to her hooking up with Devon. He runs off and she goes up to Tessa, who has been playing behind them. They chat about Nikki and the ranch.

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At Newman, Victor tells Scott that it’s his job to keep an eye on Abby. He wants him to impart some street smarts to her. Abby arrives and is miffed to see the bearded one. She’s even more annoyed when the mustache tells her she’ll be working with him. They send Scott out and Abby accuses him of not thinking a woman is worthy of his legacy. He finds that insulting. Eventually, he talks her around, calls Scott back in and leaves them alone. Abby tells him not to talk during their meetings or make any decisions. Scott insists that he’s a valuable asset and he’ll only report to her father.

Victor's not happy with Nikki's choice-CBSWhen Nikki gets home, Nick is waiting to tease her about her performance. It was awesome to see her having fun. She worries about Tessa living out of her car. They chat about not letting Victor mess up their lives. Later, Tessa arrives after a call from Nikki. She’s apologetic for dragging her on stage. The Newman waves that off and asks her to move in. Tessa wonders why she’s really doing this. Nikki just wants to give her some options. Tessa agrees and they hug. Victor arrives and scowls. After Tessa runs off to get her stuff, Victor starts interrogating Nikki. She reminds him that she’s keeping him out of prison and tells him to go along with whatever she says. He growls he’ll only let this go on as long as he permits.

Chelsea asks Jordan for a favor-CBSJordan meets with Chelsea at her place. She tells him how much she and her son are still struggling with losing Adam. She wants justice for him and she needs to track down Chloe to get it. Chelsea hopes he can help her track down who Chloe got her fake passport from. He’s reluctant, but when she gets distraught, he caves.

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Hilary bickers with Devon-CBSAt Devon’s, he and Neil are optimistic about their latest deal. Devon feels like his life is finally headed in the right direction. As they talk business, Hilary storms in and demands to know why Devon gave her clothes to Mariah. Neil escapes. The exes bicker and she stomps up the stairs to get her stuff. When she comes back downstairs, they argue some more and she tells him all about the sex she’s been having with Jordan. After he shuts the door, she turns and finds Jordan standing there. He doesn’t want her to use him. Later, Mariah arrives at Devon’s and she shows him the scratches his ex gave her. Hilary got the message that they are ‘for reals’.

Jordan and Hilary go to GC Buzz and she apologizes if she’s been treating him like a piece of meat. He thought they had something real. She’s ready to move on from her divorce. When she offers to slip off her dress, he turns her down. There’s no fire between them. She just uses him like a prop. He walks out.

Nick visits Chelsea at her place and she rants about what she’s learned about Chloe. He hopes she’s not planning to hunt her down. She agrees to back down and accept there’s nothing she can do.

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“You’re going to have to play this very carefully,” Jack advises Abby. “Play what carefully?” Ashley asks.

“I promised you I’d ask and I did, but you’re not going to like what I found out,” Jordan tells Chelsea.

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