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At the Club bar, Victor joins Scott. Nearby, Phyllis spots the Mustache and asks Billy if he wants to go someplace else. He won’t let Victor ruin their time. Vic eyeballs them as they’re seated. He tells Scott that Phyllis is what they call an acquired taste and then wanders over. “Isn’t this so cozy?” They brief him on their reconciliation. Vic feels it’s good news for Victoria, but is put out to hear he’s staying on at Brash & Sassy. Victor rejoins Scott and informs him that there is going to be no book. Meanwhile, Billy and Phyllis elect to leave. Scott is flustered; this was his way of paying back the debt he owes him. Victor feels they can find something else, and thanks him for coming.

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At Victoria’s place, she fills Nick in on Billy going back to Phyllis and blames Victor for blowing up her relationship. She asks her brother what it is about Phyllis that lures men in. Nick isn’t sure, and Vikki snarks that he’s unhelpful. She rants about Billy’s poor opinion of her, and Nick muses that maybe they shouldn’t be together. He adds that being more like Phyllis isn’t the way to win him back; she is the woman he has kids with and has fallen for again and again. Later, Katie appears; she misses Daddy. Vikki has an idea.

As The Hilary Hour concludes at GC Buzz, Mariah takes Hilary to task for trashing her on air. Mariah-calling-Hilary-out-YR-JJHilary reiterates that Mariah and Devon are just ‘hanging out’ as opposed to having a romance. Mariah takes a call from Devon, and then rubs it in to Hilary that he’s sending a private car to take her for a ride on his private jet. Later, Jordan arrives and Hilary knocks his hand away from her neck as she tersely explains tonight is not a good time. Once alone, she swipes her laptop off the table.

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At the ranch, Tessa apologizes for messing up the seating for the charity benefit. Nikki asks the girl to level with her about her office experience. Tessa worries she’s fired, but Nikki needs her, and also likes her. Talk turns to open mic and performing on stage. Tessa figures Nikki must have torn it up at the Bayou. Nikki admits she misses the applause; there’s nothing like it.

At Phyllis’ place, she and Billy drink wine and hope it will get easier from this point on. Phyllis wonders if they’ve made a mistake, but Billy doesn’t want to be anywhere else. They are kissing when Victoria calls and asks him to say goodnight to Katie. Phyllis leaves the room. When Billy disconnects, Phyllis appears in black lingerie and they christen the night as the ‘new normal’ as they’re together now, falling onto the sofa to make love.

Chelsea arrives at The Underground and chats with Noah about Nick and Christian. Nikki enters with Tessa, who takes Noah aside – she has an idea for her spot tonight. Chelsea and Nikki watch them chatting and Nikki shares that she admires the girl. Later, Jordan arrives and recognizes Chelsea. They talk about their ‘good times being bad’ and how their lives are different now. They agree not to let anyone know about their former friendship. He hands her a business card and she hastily excuses herself as Nick appears. Elsewhere, Noah lets Nikki know he likes Tessa. He gets on stage and introduces her. Tessa invites Nikki up to play keyboard. Nikki joins her, whispering that Tessa’s in so much trouble. As they play, Nick grins like a fool. Victor enters and smiles to see Nikki happy up on stage.

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Devon romances Mariah with champagne as the jet takes off for a tour of the city. Mariah thinks he’s trying to seduce her. Mariah talks about trying out all the jet’s luxuries and they share a toast and kiss.

Hilary lets herself into Devon’s penthouse, spots their framed photo and flashes to him proposing. She scrambles to hide behind the bar when Devon arrives with Mariah and they start making out. Mariah and Devon stop to establish that it isn’t about anyone but them. The clothes start flying off much to Hil’s shock, and she winds up in tears as she hears them laughing and getting passionate on the staircase.

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