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In Ravi’s Jabot office, Billy assures Phyllis he’s ready for this relationship. She admits she’s anxious. Billy wishes he’d told Victoria sooner, and reminds her they still have to face Jack, Ashley, and everyone in Genoa City. In Jack’s office, Gloria submits ideas for the women’s line for him to give Ashley. Jack reveals that Ash knows about their relationship. Glo wails, assuming she’s fired. Jack insists he won’t allow it, but Gloria worries Ash will use their relationship to force him out as CEO. Phyllis and Billy enter – they’ve something to tell Jack and wanted him to hear it from them. Jack snarks, “Spare me the platitudes,” and asks if this has been going on all along. Phyllis explains she and Billy recently got back together. Billy says he’s done sacrificing his happiness for people that don’t want him to be happy. They’re done hiding. “This is for real.” Jack sneers – he doesn’t think Billy cares about his reaction – and dismisses them. Later, Jack tells Phyllis to keep Billy off the Jabot floor, and claims he doesn’t believe it will work out as well as she thinks. Phyllis informs Jack he’ll never be happy until he forgives his brother.

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In the Brash & Sassy lab, Cane urges Victoria to take some time off, but she’s not interested. Cane then questions if being a good dad is a valid reason to keep Billy on. He feels there will be tension, but Vikki points out Billy was a single man, and she can separate her personal life from work. Cane touches her shoulder in sympathy as Juliet appears. Later, Billy criticizes Cane’s ‘flowery’ wording for the hockey campaign. Victoria says he’s right. Once alone, Victoria asks Billy to keep his relationship separate from the kids for now – she learned the hard way with Travis. Billy agrees. Phyllis joins Billy after a while. He says he’s happy, and they leave for a date night. Victoria watches them go.

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Abby arrives at the Abbott mansion and asks Ashley about Dina. “Why don’t I know my only living grandparent?” Ash reminds her Dina ran out on them, and has never acknowledged Abby all these years. Her mother only has room in her life for herself. Talk turns to Newman Enterprises. Ashley-cant-escape-YR-HWAbby reveals she’s lost her fear of making decisions. Ravi arrives. After Abby leaves, Ash admits she’s stressed. Ravi can help with that. Soon, they are on a mat meditating in the living room. He massages her shoulders and directs her thoughts. Ash tells him there are some things you can’t escape no matter how you try.

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On Devon’s jet, Dina reveals that she and Katherine were friends. She is surprised when Devon admits that he wanted nothing to do with Kay at first, but she eventually wore him down. Neil interjects that Devon is a foster child and a good kid. Dina thinks the fact that Katherine left him a huge inheritance says a lot about him. Devon confides he’s wanted to make a contribution to the world since he nearly died recently. Dina finds it all admirable, but still won’t commit. Devon asks why she’s selling. She demurs, “I feel it’s the right time.” Once alone, Neil gives Devon a pep talk about not giving up.

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At GC Buzz, Mariah confronts Hilary about her jealously that she’s dating Devon. Hilary scoffs and tells Mariah that Devon will tire of her. “I know what Devon likes, and honey, it ain’t you.” Mariah counters that Hilary is intimidated by how good they are together. Hil denies it. Mariah shares that Devon is currently in Paris and muses that Hilary doesn’t know everything about her ex. When Mariah goes on about it, Hilary snaps, “Enough!” Mariah notes her irritation at her knowing more about Devon’s life than she does. During the Hilary Hour, Mariah forces Hil to talk about Jordan. After which, Hilary confides to the audience that Mariah believes she’s on the road to romance but is stuck in the ‘friendzone’.

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Jack joins Cane at the Club bar and snarks about Phyllis and Billy. They agree Billy’s a screw-up and compare notes on what he’s done to them. Jack confides Billy got the hockey deal by playing dirty. He feels Brash & Sassy will never thrive with his brother on board, and thinks Cane would be doing the company a big favor by making sure he gets fired.

In an office, Dina looks at a photo of Ashley and Ravi and looks sad. She flashes to telling her daughter she will never apologize for her existence.

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Mariah tells Hilary, “I don’t want to be late.” Hil asks, “For what?” Mariah replies, “Just a ride with Devon…on his private jet.”

Jordan says to Chelsea, “We’re agreeing not to let anyone know about our former friendship.”

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