At the penthouse, Nick gravely informs Chelsea they have to find out the truth about Chloe; if she killed Adam she could still be unstable and hurt someone else. They debate at length. Nick wants to call Paul, but Chelsea angrily protests and wants to drop it. Nick feels Chloe may have murdered his brother and he can’t let that go; he’s surprised she can. Chelsea hollers if her best friend killed her husband she would know! Nick agrees not to go to the police and leaves. In the elevator he fondles the tracking device, looking determined.

In the park, Victor and Chloe spar verbally. Chloe warns Victor not to try and obliterate her marriage since she knows his secrets too. Vic looks smug as she stalks off.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon reveals to Scott she got an A- on her psych paper. Sharon-Scott-pep-talk-YR-CBSScott’s amused that it was due to his help and gives her a pep talk. Sharon smiles and asks about his friend. She’s relieved to hear Ahmed is safe. Scott reveals he’s writing Victor’s autobiography and Sharon pours coffee all over the counter. She warns there might be a chapter or two on her marriages and chuckles when Scott talks about Victor agreeing to be truthful. On the patio, Reed asks Tessa to join him at the open mic night at The Underground.

On a walk, Mariah and Devon joke and talk about what they should do for their first official date.

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After their kiss at GC Buzz, Hilary admits to Jordan it was a confidence boost. He worries he was unprofessional. Hil tells him the office is empty and the doors are locked if he wants to play with fire.Hilary-Jordan-nude-YR-CBS Things turn passionate and clothes drop to the floor as they kiss. After having sex, they cuddle and chat. Jordan admires her beauty and picks up his camera. Hil asks, “You want to take pictures of me? Like this?” Jordan assures her they’ll just be for her. Hil drops the blanket and poses nude. After, she declares them to be fabulous and asks for the memory card. Jordan kisses her and leaves. Hil taps the memory card, looking thoughtful.

Victor arrives at the ranch where Nikki enthuses about how much fun she had playing with Tessa and Reed. Vic’s not so happy when he learns she found Tessa playing for tips outside the coffeehouse. Nikki clucks that she doesn’t have the gate code or a key. Victor is convinced to drop it, and then takes Nikki off guard by asking if she thinks he’s a truthful person. Nikki diplomatically points out he can be less than forthcoming at times. She wonders if he has a confession, but realizes this is about his book. Victor reveals he will be working with Scott, who will take a no-holds-barred look at his life.

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Scott, still at Crimson Lights, is summoned by Victor via text and Sharon warns him to be careful.

At home, Chloe gets a curious look from Kevin when she presses him to get married tonight. He questions her wanting to scrap their plans. “What is going on with you?” Chloe huffs about life being unpredictable and accuses him of stalling because of Gloria. Kevin denies it, and Chloe goes on about people thinking she’s crazy. Kevin provides a pep talk on her sanity and strength and asks for a few days to get the wedding together.

Reed introduces Noah to Tessa at The Underground. Noah-meets-Tessa-YR-CBSThe guys are unable to convince her to sign up to perform. Mariah and Devon join the group and introductions are made. Mariah bizarrely blurts that Devon is a millionaire who owns buildings and is getting a divorce. Noah pulls her aside. He teases her, but is happy about her date. Mariah chats with Tessa, who recognizes her from her face plant and enthuses about meeting the rich and famous of the town. Noah and Reed call Tessa to the stage. Devon tells Mariah about his past in the music business…he may want to get into streaming and work with Tessa. Later, Noah asks Tessa about her family. She says they’re nothing like the Newmans.

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Devon and Mariah enter Crimson Lights still talking about Tessa and their night. Devon kisses her as Sharon appears, and grins at them. She is commenting on Devon moving on so soon when Neil calls. Devon steps away and Mariah promises her mom she’ll bail if it seems she’s a rebound.

Scott arrives at the ranch as Victor steps away to take a call. Scott senses Nikki has reservations about Victor’s book. She’s concerned people will judge. Vic reappears and agrees to Scott’s terms on full access. Nikki looks uncomfortable.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Neil says to Jack, “Your family. Ashley offered me a job.”

Jordan tells Lily, “Your contract will be up in a couple of years. Then you can work as much, and become as famous as you want to.”

Chelsea says to Chloe, “You were half a mile away from the cabin an hour before the explosion, so why didn’t you tell me that?”

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