Kevin bursts into Michael and Lauren’s place and announces he’s getting married to a startled Lauren and Scott. Michael notes he had a heads up, and Lauren cautions about Kevin trying to recapture his old life. Kevin chirps that he wants a new life with Chloe and Bella. Scott talks about Chloe being drunk at The Underground; luckily they’re not a boring couple yet. Kevin asks Michael to be his best man, as Scott announces he has to meet Victor. Michael agrees to be best man.

At the penthouse, Chloe gushes her wedding news and asks Chelsea to be her maid of honor. She then asks what they wanted to question her about. Nick and Chelsea reveal they found a tracking device in Connor’s dinosaur. Chloe asks how it got in there. Nick replies, “Why don’t you tell us?” Chloe admits she did it, but spins a yarn about how it was to protect Chelsea, who believes her. They embrace and talk wedding planning. Once alone, Nick tells Chelsea it feels off, but reasons that it would have been impossible for Chloe to go to the cabin that night without the police seeing her. Chelsea gasps – there was a way – the passageway. She is floored that Nick thinks Chloe could have killed her husband. Nick works to make the case but Chelsea becomes panicky and can’t accept it. Nick notes the tracker connects to a phone app – it’s how they’ll get their evidence. He’ll try to get the records.

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In the ranch living room, Nikki gets on the piano and jams with Tessa and Reed, who play their guitars. Reed-Tessa-snacks-YR-CBSVictor walks in and declares he loves this. He gets an introduction to Tessa before leaving again. Tessa hoovers up a ton of food before advising Reed on his tempo and timing. She agrees to teach him once a week.

At Jabot, Ashley grills Jack about why he changed his mind about the men’s line. Jack claims that he came to his senses about pursuing the deal just to hurt Billy. Jack-Ashley-argue-Ravi-YR-CBSAsh then wants the truth about why he hired Gloria. Jack goes on about her being an asset and changes the topic to Ravi being her ‘plus one’ at the opera. They bicker. Jack warns that he is not only an employee, but is much younger. “This could be a problem. Fix it.” Ash snarks about the employees he’s hooked up with over the years and talk turns back to her taking over. Lauren interrupts and Ash stalks out. Lauren and Jack crow about the success of their merger and he asks how she got Scott home. Lauren reveals Victor got him home and justifies herself to an irked Jack, who promises complications.

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Victoria arrives at Newman Enterprises and irks Abby by saying she’ll wait for Victor to return. Victor arrives and ushers them into his office. He wants to hear about Brash & Sassy, but Abby interrupts to give a pitch. Vic invites Victoria to stay, but Abby argues it’s inappropriate. Victor overrules her. Victoria brags to a tickled Victor about getting Jack to back off on a deal, and Abby clears her throat and begins her pitch. Victoria opposes Abby’s idea and Victor directs Abby to abide by her input. Vikki-Abby-territory-YR-CBSScott arrives and greets the girls, who proceed to argue in the hallway. Abby accuses Victoria of trying to sabotage her. Vikki sniffs that paranoia doesn’t suit her. In Victor’s office, he assures Scott his driving is in a safe place and his family’s financial needs have been taken care of, before telling him there’s something he can do for him in return – he wants Scott to co-write his memoirs. Scott will do it, but only if he’s willing to be truthful – even about the parts he’d rather skip.

Chloe-backpack-YR-CBSAt home, Kevin walks in as Chloe has opened a shoebox under the bed. They canoodle over wedding talk and he exits. Chloe returns to the box and looks at the tranquilizer gun she used on Adam, which she places in a backpack.

At Crimson Lights, Abby rants to Ashley about Victoria. She still feels like her father’s back-up plan. Ash reassures her, and urges her to take the initiative on her proposal – Victor will respect her for not kowtowing. On the patio, Tessa talks to someone on the phone about Reed’s family connection being ‘off the chart’.

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Victoria checks in with Reed at the ranch and learns he had fun playing music with Tessa. She’s proud of him for going after what he wants. Reed gives her cool mom points.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Mariah asks Devon, “You. Want to date me?”

Jordan tells Hilary, “You’re Hilary Curtis. You command the spotlight just by being you.”

Kevin and Chloe tell their mothers they are getting married. Esther happily exclaims, “What?!” Gloria grimaces.

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