Chloe arrives at The Top of the Tower to meet Kevin, who talks about them not being who they used to be and announces he wants to be a family again; he wants to legally adopt Bella. He snaps open a ring box. “Chloe, will you marry me?” Chloe balks, but Kevin quickly persuades her to say yes. They kiss and people applaud. The pair reminisces about their past weddings and starts discussing the next one when Kevin gets called away to work.

At the penthouse, Chelsea is stunned when Nick pulls a tracking device out of Connor’s favorite stuffed dinosaur. She frets and realizes it couldn’t have been Adam. They speculate about who put the device in there…and why. Nick vows to find out. Nick-Chelsea-suspicions-YR-CBSThey run down everyone who would have had access. Nick thinks it could have been Chloe. Chelsea discounts the idea, but then recalls that she mentioned the view at the cabin, and was upset about her taking Sage’s money. Nick’s gut says Chloe tracked her. Chelsea muses there’s only one way to find out. Later, Chloe arrives after receiving a text from Chelsea and gushes that she has something to tell her. Chelsea cuts her off. “You haven’t been honest with me.”

At the ranch, Reed thanks Nikki for letting him practice there. She tells him that he has talent and passion. The music teacher Vikki hired arrives and clashes with a frustrated Reed repeatedly as Nikki looks on.

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Cane arrives at Brash & Sassy where Victoria talks about meeting candidates for the Tokyo position. Cane informs her he has the perfect person for the job – Juliet. Vikki will consider her, but won’t guarantee anything. Lily-phone-YR-CBSOnce alone, Cane leaves Juliet a message to call him. Elsewhere, Lily snarks to Jordan about his being out with Hilary; does he really want to be her rebound? Jordan patiently defends his interest in her former sister-in-law. Lily warns Hilary is an 18-wheeler that will turn him into roadkill. Jordan wants her to let it go, and enthuses that working with her and Brash & Sassy is exactly where he wants to be. After, Lily sees a text from Juliet on Cane’s phone – she’s dying to talk to him. Cane assures her it’s about a job and they make out.

At GC Buzz, Mariah and Hilary snark about their dates the previous night. Hil notes Mariah had her lips locked on her husband’s face. Mariah reminds her he’s her ex-husband. Hilary scoffs that there’s only one woman in the room suitable for Devon. Mariah counters that he’s done with her.

In Crimson Lights, Devon discusses dating Mariah with Neil, who advises him to do a gut check on this one. Devon shrugs off concerns of Hilary firing Mariah – he’ll make keeping her on a condition if he signs over GC Buzz. Neil thinks it’s best if they all move on, and mentions Ashley offered him an opportunity at Jabot. Devon points out he can only go so far there. He suggests they build their own company. Neil cautions about the risks, but Devon’s undeterred. They shake on it.

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Victoria arrives at the ranch and dismisses the music teacher. Reed mutters that he’s a tool and they bicker about whether he needs to learn to read music. He complains that she found a way to make music a punishment and storms off. Vikki calls Nikki seeking help.

On the patio at the coffeehouse, Nikki spots a girl playing guitar and looks thoughtful. Outside, she approaches the girl, learns she also plays piano and drums, and asks her about teaching a teenager. The girl holds out her hand and introduces herself as Tessa (played by Cait Fairbanks).

Tessa-ranch-YR-CBSAt the ranch, Vikki is trying to talk to Reed when Nikki arrives with Tessa and tells her grandson. “I think she’s exactly what you’re looking for.” It’s established she will give Reed lessons beginning immediately. Tessa tells Reed to show her what he’s got.

Devon arrives at GC Buzz as Hilary is sarcastically questioning if Mariah and Devon are a new hot couple. He’d like to know the answer to that. He and Mariah step aside and she admits she kissed him to piss Hilary off – at first – but then it was nice. Devon walks over to Hilary and informs her GC Buzz is all hers so they can move on. They agree on terms. He calls Mariah over and asks Hilary if it will be a problem if they date. Hil says it’s fine.

At Brash & Sassy, Jordan and Lily speculate about the pink negligee found in the trash. In the office, Cane texts with Juliet, who is on her way to town.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Victor tells Scott he intends to write his memoir and needs an experienced co-writer. Scott asks, “You want me to write a biography?”

Jack says to Ashley, “He’s not only an employee, he’s much younger. This could be a problem.”

Chloe says, “That’s crazy, how’d that get in there?” Nick replies, “Why don’t you tell us?”

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