Jack arrives at work to find Gloria brimming with curiosity over what ‘advice’ Hilary phoned to thank him for, and Jack counters she should be thankful Hil stopped ‘Clarissa’s’ interview. Glo retorts that she’s been an asset to him – in and out of the office. Glo asks about Ashley defending Billy, who deserves to be punished. Jack cheekily confirms he’s seeking revenge on his brother. Glo is keen to help. Jack enthuses about messing up Billy’s deal and hopes Victoria will drop him.

At the Brash & Sassy lab, Jordan and Billy discuss Lily’s stalker and stepping up security. Jordan mentions Lily couldn’t get in touch with Cane in Tokyo. Billy is surprised Cane wasn’t right on the phone to brag about his deal. Victoria blows in saying she may have found something, and Billy points out Jordan is there. Vikki remarks on how Jordan’s sexy stint on GC Buzz pushed up their numbers. Once alone, Billy reveals plans to visit the pro hockey league rep in Toronto. Vikki wonders if there is someone named Clarissa at Jabot.

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At home, Cane holds Juliet’s lingerie and flashes to being drunk in Tokyo. Cane-Lily-change-subject-YR-CBSLily enters. Cane hides the offending garment and coos about taking his wife to The Top of the Tower later. Lily thinks it sounds fantastic. Once alone, Cane video calls Juliet. She confirms the lingerie is hers. Cane asks, “How did it get in my bag?” She reveals she stayed the night in his room, apologizes for being unprofessional, and tells him to toss the nightie. She wonders if he’s talked to Victoria yet. He confirms he’ll recommend her for the position they discussed. Lily reappears and Cane seems disturbed.

At The Underground, Scott tells Kevin no one will pay for security for him to return to the Middle East since he’s been compromised. Talk turns to Kevin’s relationship with Chloe. Kevin recaps their tumultuous history and how Delia’s death changed Chloe.

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At Chelsea’s place, she and Chloe touch on Chloe’s past transgressions, when Chelsea realizes she’s late to meet Nick. He calls, and says he’ll come to her. Chloe is about to leave but Chelsea stops her and reassures her about the past. Chelsea-Nick-money-YR-CBSChloe opens up about Kevin’s support and Chelsea teases about them getting married. Chloe clucks that they’re just dating and seems ruffled as Chelsea heads upstairs. Nick arrives and Chloe remarks that the sooner her friend forgets Adam the better. Nick’s taken aback, but Chloe clarifies she just wants the best for her. After, Nick wants to take Chelsea out, but she just needs him. They discuss Chloe’s friendship and then canoodle until Michael arrives. He stuns Nick with a check – funds left to Sage by Constance. Nick marvels that she’s still affecting their lives, and Chelsea muses that everyone connected to her ended up dead. Nick wants Chelsea to have the money. She reluctantly agrees, but gets emotional about Sage and Adam having died.

Chloe arrives at The Underground just as Kevin’s updated Scott on how she turned her life around. The trio indulges in rounds of shots. Chloe notes Scott is handsome, but she would have gutted him if anything had happened to Kevin. Scott is questioned about his non-existent love life and reveals he’s busy writing his story. Kevin grins as Chloe and Scott dance. When the music turns slow, Scott opens up to Chloe about feeling helpless. Chloe says if she can come out of the dark, so can he. She refers to taking control of her destiny six months ago.

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Cane thanks Jordan for intervening with the stalker at Brash & Sassy. Lily chimes in as well. Vikki and Billy discuss the Sato deal with Cane, who brings up the position Juliet wants. Victoria will talk about it later and heads into the office. Billy and Cane exchange insults before Billy joins her. Vikki-Billy-bombshell-YR-CBSElsewhere, Lily reads Jordan’s text and becomes upset that he is having drinks with Hilary later. Jordan assures her he can handle his business. In the lab, Cane drops Juliet’s lingerie into a trashcan while on the phone. Later, Victoria and Billy watch the footage of ‘Clarissa’ and realize it’s Gloria. They listen further as she incriminates none other than Jack!

At The Top of the Tower, Lily dials a surprised Cane in on Colin’s reconciliation and travel plans with Jill. They toast to them living happily ever after…just like them. Cane notices Lily is jumpy and apologizes for not being there when she needed him. Lily reassures him. Cane gets a text from Juliet asking if he talked to Victoria yet and sighs.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Hilary tells Jordan, at GC Buzz, “Things have changed around here.” He replies that he’s a big believer in change; it keeps things interesting.

Mariah wonders if Devon asking her to dinner is a date.

Victoria with Billy by her side, tells Jack, “That was a pretty shabby move, Jack. Evidently it’s not the only sleazy move you’ve made.”

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