In Top of the Tower, Victor admires Nikki’s gown. She’s a little tense and warns her husband about showing tolerance at the Opera Foundation event tonight. Vic recalls how Katherine loved charity work, just like Nikki, who demurs that no one could take over her role. Talk turns to Victor saving Scott. Vic’s just glad he’s home safely.

By the Club bar, Ashley snarks at Jack by phone – his flight’s been cancelled due to bad weather and he’ll have to miss the charity opera. Ravi overhears, tells her she looks amazing, and casually offers to attend the function with her. They rehash their previous conversation before she takes him up on the offer – she’ll leave his ticket at will-call.

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At home, Lauren smooths Michael’s tie as Scott assures them he’ll be fine while they attend the opera. Lauren whispers worriedly to Michael about leaving her traumatized son alone. She phones Phyllis and enlists her help in being sneaky and underhanded. Before long, Phyllis arrives, purportedly to work on Lauren’s computer. Once alone, Scott informs Phyllis he’s too old for a babysitter. Phyllis continues the ruse briefly before asking how he’s doing. Scott worries about his driver, and they bond over loving anchovies on pizza. Scott regards her appraisingly. Over pizza and beer, Phyllis fixes his laptop, and urges him to write about what he and Ahmed went through and start a campaign or a blog. He doesn’t know how to start such a platform, but she does.

Lily arrives at home to find Neil and Matty playing chess. She mentions the creepy guy to Neil in passing and assures her daughter Cane will be home tomorrow.

In Tokyo, Cane groggily awakens to the sound of the phone. He answers Lily’s call too late, and falls back on the bed, groaning and holding his head.

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At Lily’s place, Neil advises his daughter to call Cane again later, and mutters about plans with a lady named Lois Thompson (Yvette Nicole Brown). Appalled, Lily snarks that reporter is like a ‘D’ list Hilary. Neil counters that she’s attractive, smart and willing to attend the opera. Neil leaves, and the stalker from the Club lurks outside. Inside, Lily and Matty video chat with Cane briefly as the fan watches through the window. After Matty’s in bed, the man is taking photos of Lily when Jordan arrives and confronts him. Jordan rings the doorbell and reveals the man and his photos to Lily, who calls him a sick sonofabitch. Jordan stomps on his phone. The cops arrive, and Lily issues a dire warning to the creep before he’s taken away. Jordan talks to her about a restraining order and admits he checked on her because he knew Cane was away and had a bad feeling about that guy. Lily embraces him and gratefully accepts his offer to sleep on the couch.

In Tokyo, Cane finds Juliet’s earring in his bed and looks confused and concerned. He goes to meet her and admits he’s a little fuzzy. She reminds him of the promise he made. Cane reassures her about the work-related matters before talk turns to his drinking. Cane holds up her earring. “I’m actually wondering about this.” Juliet acknowledges that she was in his room – someone had to put him to bed. Cane’s driver arrives and Juliet hugs him goodbye – he continues to look bewildered. Once alone, Juliet smiles at the earring in her hand.

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At the opera, Lauren thanks Victor again for helping Scott. He assures her there will be a way for her to repay him one day. He then greets Ashley admiringly as Neil appears with Lois. Ash snarks about Lois’s tawdry report on Jack’s marriage, and afterward, whispers to Neil about whether he’s open to professional challenges. As everyone’s seated for the opera, Ravi appears in a tux and contacts. Ashley’s eyes bug out. He further amazes her by whipping out a pair of opera glasses. Everyone is riveted by the opera except Michael, who nods off and is jolted awake by the applause at the end.

The opera guests gather at the Top of the Tower and Ravi challenges the opinion of a wealthy dowager on the quality of the baritone’s voice before winning her and her husband over with his knowledge of other operas. In a moment alone, Nikki tells Ash in hushed tones that Ravi is a snob whisperer and snidely notes he’s a little younger than her usual dates. Ash reminds Nikki pointedly about her dalliance with Deacon Sharpe and then watches Nikki drift away with a tiny glare. Elsewhere, Victor updates Lauren and Michael that he will try to get word on Scott’s driver. Lauren wishes Scott could find work here. Victor muses that he might have something for him. Ash rejoins Ravi and looks at him with interest.

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