At Brash & Sassy, Victoria is thrilled with Cane’s great news that the company is about to become a serious player in the Asian market. She urges him and Juliet to celebrate – they deserve it.

At the Club, Billy chats with a man who is lost before finding Lily doing a touch-up in a suite. She gushes about how well the Brash & Sassy booth is doing at the wedding fair downstairs. Jordan arrives to get Lily, and she asks if Billy’s heard from Cane. He hasn’t. Billy goes. Outside the suite, the strange man lurks. In the dining room, Michael is sorry that Devon and Hilary didn’t make it, but encourages Devon to build the life he wants. Devon replies grimly, “Whatever that is.” Michael urges him to lean on his family. Devon doesn’t know what the future holds, but insists they’re done.

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Billy arrives at Brash & Sassy as Victoria is winding up her video chat with Cane and Juliet. Billy snarks about Cane and Vikki defends him. As Billy’s leaving, Vikki gets a call from Johnny’s teacher about a permission slip and rushes out.

In Japan, Juliet informs Cane she will be his personal tour guide for the evening. Cane learns the driver is ready, and puts off calling Lily. Once in the car, Juliet and Cane marvel at the sights. They arrive at a restaurant and start drinking sake. Cane tells Juliet she was a lifesaver. She smiles coyly and reveals she’d like to come on board full-time as division manager for Asia. Cane plans to recommend her to Victoria. He wants to do karaoke but is too tipsy. They keep drinking. Cane spills, and Juliet asks if he’s okay. Cane slurs that he’s Australian and not even close to being drunk. Juliet pushes the idea of food, but Cane takes off to find more sake, leaving his phone behind.

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Hilary arrives at GC Buzz and claims to be in a fabulous mood despite snapping at Mariah. Mariah-divorce-YR-CBSShe hands Mariah a press release on her divorce to work into the next segment. Mariah questions the wisdom of splashing her personal business on air, which leads to an argument. Hilary sighs that she’s about to be free to be herself. “We’re done.”

Jordan escorts Lily back up to her GCAC suite just as Victoria arrives. Lily is surprised to hear that Cane has been done with his meetings for a while. Once alone, Lily looks at her phone in puzzlement. Suddenly, the strange man enters and asks for a selfie with Lily, who nervously tries to chat with him. The man won’t let Lily leave and moves in close for selfies. Jordan arrives and chases the man off, much to Lily’s relief. Lily-Jordan-scare-YR-CBSThey embrace. Jordan vows to keep her safe, but Lily wishes to hear that from Cane. She calls, but gets no answer. Jordan offers to take her home, but she wants go alone. Someone watches her leave. Downstairs, Mariah bumps into Devon and he asks how Hilary was this morning. Mariah tightly says she was in rare form, but doesn’t want him to intervene. Devon mentions the divorce may have hit a snag. Mariah makes light of the institute of marriage. Devon chuckles and hopes she gives love a chance one day.

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At GC Buzz, Hilary rolls her eyes when Michael says they have to address the settlement. The judge won’t sign off until the financials are dealt with. Hilary admits tearing up the check was a ploy – she’s relieved not to have to keep up the pretense anymore. They spar verbally about the issue until Hilary demands Michael get Devon down there. Michael texts his client. Later, Devon arrives and Hilary proposes that he give her full ownership of the show – it’s all she wants from him.

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At home, Billy reveals that he sent the permission slip for Victoria, who throws her arms around him in thanks. Billy-Victoria-soften-YR-CBSBilly gives her a pep talk and offers to help more with the kids. He could even stay home a few days and take on Reed if she’d unclench a bit. Vikki softens and takes his hand – he still surprises her – but turns him down. She sends him back to the office. Outside, he smiles.

In Japan, Juliet once again suggests getting food, but Cane realizes his stomach isn’t feeling so good. Juliet sympathizes and steadies Cane, who claims his issues with walking are due to the time difference. Cane feels like an idiot as she struggles to help him to the elevator and to his room.

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