Billy and Reed discuss the teen’s impending return to open mic night at the coffeehouse. Reed enthuses over the change in his mother. Billy quips that she’s pretty cool – he married her twice. Reed acts twitchy when Zoey appears, so Billy makes himself scarce. Zoey gushes about Reed’s video, and he shyly invites her to come hear him play. After, Billy tells a grinning Reed to have fun tonight, and be good.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria is on video chat with Cane and Juliet in Japan and warns them about the crucial meeting. Cane smoothly assures her he’s got this. Lily arrives and gets on with Cane. She updates him that the twins are gone overnight, and he says he loves her in Japanese. After, Lily confides to Victoria that they have issues due to Colin staying at their house. Victoria-videochat-YR-CBSLater, Billy joins Victoria for takeout and she gets riled when he mentions Zoey. She snarks that the cyberbully’s endgame might be ‘pregnant with a Newman’. She takes off, but Billy stops her from going to confront the girl or Reed. They debate attending the open mic night, but Vikki sighs that she promised to stay away. She’s also waiting on Cane’s call. Billy senses she’s concerned she made a mistake sending him. Vikki rambles on about not being able to go herself. Billy offers to watch the kids and office. Vikki doesn’t want to second-guess her staff. She paces and talks about wanting to crush Jabot in Asia. Billy hopes Cane knows failure isn’t an option.

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In Japan, Juliet runs Cane through the dos and don’ts of Japanese etiquette before meeting with Mr. Sato (Richard Narita). She’s impressed with Cane’s knowledge. The businessman arrives and the tone is serious as the meeting gets underway. Cane reveals he was a driving force behind the men’s line. Sato isn’t keen on it. Cane and Juliet work to tout the products, but Sato’s not interested. Cane continues to push the men’s line to the point where Juliet looks uneasy and Sato’s expression is unreadable. In the end, Sato agrees to the partnership on the weight of Cane’s argument. Cane and Juliet allow themselves a smile. As Sato prepares to leave, Cane offends him deeply with a ‘bro hug’ and Juliet sternly warns he’s blown the deal as Cane groans.

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Mariah kicks off a new segment of GC Buzz warning fans they’re about to see something that might shock them – Hilary Hamilton doing housework. They spar verbally as they start their ‘mop off’. Mariah-cleaning-YR-CBSHilary grabs a sponge and wins. She drops tomato sauce on Mariah and says the product’s also good for laundry. Jordan and Devon rush to congratulate Hilary on a great segment. Mariah grimaces. Devon and Jordan enthuse over Mariah and Hilary’s chemistry. Hil takes Jordan’s arm and they head out for their drink. Devon pastes on a smile, but Mariah doesn’t believe he’s fine with the situation; she invites him to open mic night. Devon glances at Hilary and Jordan and accepts.

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At The Underground, Jordan wonders what went wrong between Hilary and Devon, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. They notice Mariah and Devon across the room with Noah. Devon spots Hilary and Mariah offers to leave, but he’s fine. Hilary confides to Jordan that Devon obviously followed them there and, grinning, they elect to pretend he’s not there. Soon, Lily arrives and greets Mariah and Devon. Mariah warns Devon to tell her who else is here. Devon-disheartened-YR-CBSDevon reveals Hilary and Jordan are there on a date. Irked, Lily presses Devon to sign his divorce papers and then corners Jordan. “Have you completely lost your mind?” Jordan remains casual as she asks, “You’re dating that?” but shakes his head when she gets into it with Hilary, hissing if she was a toy she’d be recalled for toxic parts. Devon intervenes and says he’s leaving, while Hil apologizes to Jordan and follows. Reed arrives and seats Zoey and her friends. Lily gives Jordan a thorough rundown on Hilary’s misdeeds. He’s exhausted. Noah introduces Reed. Zoey and her friend laugh about a photo, but Reed thinks they’re laughing at him and storms off the stage.

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At Devon’s penthouse, Hilary confronts her husband angrily. Devon swigs a drink as she rants that she needs closure and is not leaving until he forgives her or signs the divorce papers.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Lauren hugs Scott as Michael embraces Kevin.

Cane wants to apologize to Mr. Sato, but Juliet warns it will only make things worse. Cane panics. “What do we do if he doesn’t come back?”

Billy tells Victoria, “We are totally screwed.” She rolls her eyes and sighs.

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