At the Chancellor estate Jill mocks Esther’s awe at finding Mrs. C’s letter. Jill is wary about what the letter might contain. She impatiently shoos Esther out and opens the envelope. Jill frowns, puzzled, as she reads that the journey may have been annoying, but it has led her to what is rightfully hers. Katherine’s letter goes on to acknowledge that Phillip loved only Jill. Absolutely floored, Jill flashes to Katherine slapping her as they fought over her husband. Jill becomes emotional and her breath quickens as she reads how Katherine regrets depriving Jill of her love and the father of her son. The scene switches to Katherine angrily signing divorce papers with Phillip. Jill tears up as she reads that Katherine wants her to have ‘it’ and to forgive her. Jill sniffs. “It?” Flashing back, we see Katherine in the car with Phillip before driving it off a cliff. Jill’s chest heaves as Katherine’s letter implores her to believe she is worthy of love and to find peace. Jill recalls the last time she saw Katherine, drops the letter, and sobs.

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At the Club, Colin marvels at Jasper’s confirmation there are buyers who will pay what the ring is worth. Colin-meeting-YR-SoapsA hostile Billy appears, so Jasper leaves. Billy reiterates to Colin that his marriage is history, but Colin confidently insists he’ll pay back the money and have his wife. With barely disguised loathing, Billy says he doesn’t want him to make it up to her. Colin shrugs off Billy’s opinion.

Nick drops Christian with Nikki at the ranch and jokes that he has a date with someone named Mabel. Faith eavesdrops as he and Nikki discuss the tenuous nature of his relationship with Chelsea and the need to take it slow. Nick tells his mother that Faith has been pushing for him and Chelsea, so it’s a relief not to disappoint her. After Nick goes, Faith asks Nikki to show her pictures from when she was little. As they page through an album, Nikki gently acknowledges how much Faith enjoys the photos of her mom and dad. Faith eagerly urges her grandmother to take a long nap after she stifles a yawn.

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In the penthouse, Chloe is amused at Chelsea agonizing over her look for her date with Nick. Chelsea turns serious about her feeling ready to move on after Adam. Chloe wipes away a tear. Chelsea becomes flustered and decides her outfit is wrong. After, Chloe lets Nick in and chides him about his burgeoning relationship. Chloe smirks as he insists they’re keeping things low-key. Once alone, Nick turns to see Chelsea smiling on the staircase.

Chelsea-Nick-call-YR-SoapsNick and Chelsea arrive at the Club, awkwardly reassuring each other that the date is no big deal, but later they agree to trust their instincts and share a smile. Suddenly, Nick gets a call from a panicked Faith, who chirps that something’s wrong with Grandma and begs him to come right away. Nick apologetically abandons Chelsea.

Billy’s eyes shine and he smiles as he tells Chloe how good she is with Bella at the coffeehouse. They share a little laugh over Johnny’s kiss before talk turns to Jill, and then reminiscing fondly about Delia. Chloe seems to turn somber for a second. Talk turns to Colin and his weird power over Jill. Billy is certain there’s nothing he can do to get Jill to trust him again.

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Nick enters the ranch hollering and Nikki shushes him. Faith appears and claims she couldn’t wake her grandmother and panicked. Faith adopts an expression of sincerity and apologizes for ruining Nick’s plans. Nikki looks knowingly down at her. Nick leaves, and Nikki calls Faith out on her fib, and wanting her mother and father together again. Faith feels she’s a terrible person. Nikki embraces her warmly, but also warns her not to try anything like that again.

Chelsea starts to undo her zipper when the penthouse doorbell rings – it’s Nick. She assures him coyly there will be a date four.

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At the Club, Colin receives a huge check for the ring from Jasper. Colin enthuses that he could kiss him and then smugly opines that Jill will soon be kissing him.

Esther lets Murphy into the Chancellor mansion, where he remarks with satisfaction that Jill finally has everything that Katherine wanted her to have. “The letter, the key, the whole shebang.” Jill looks confused and asks, “What key?” She gestures to the letter. “This is all I have.”

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Next on The Young and the Restless:

Ashley informs Jack, “When I said I was planning on having a bigger role in this company, I meant it.”

Chelsea asks, “How are you going to be able to clear things up if your daughter has a problem with you and me being together?”

Lauren says, “Tell me the truth, Victor.” Victor replies, “I cannot promise you that your son will come back safely.”

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