At Brash & Sassy, Cane tells Victoria that Juliet is smart and likes his ideas. She’s sure they’ll make a great team. He wonders if his new assignment is to keep him out of her hair. She insists it’s not. Billy walks in and offers to take Cane’s new position in Asia. That won’t happen. They run over plans for the men’s line. Cane has to leave for Tokyo in the morning and exits to pack. Billy congratulates Victoria on doing such a good job with Juliet. They get a text about their son from the school.

At City Trust and Savings, Colin opens a box and whistles at the ring inside before pocketing it.

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At the Chancellor estate, Esther tries reading tabloids to Jill, who asks her to leave. Once the maid is gone, Jill starts making business calls until Lily interrupts with homemade cards from the kids. They chat about Brash & Sassy and how Colin is staying with Lily. Jill wonders if he’s asked for a loan yet. Lily pushes her about letting Colin come back, once Lily leaves, Jill plays with her ring.

Colin goes back to Lily and Cane’s and calls Jasper to tell him about the ring. He stares at a card for Jill from Mrs. C. When Jasper arrives, he assesses the ring. It’s rare and valuable. Colin sends him off as Cane arrives. He announces it’s time for him to move on. His son asks him if he’s up to something shady. Colin insists he’s just turning his luck around. Soon, Lily arrives and Cane explains he’s headed for Tokyo and asks her to jet off with him. She can’t. Later, she corners him in lingerie and they make-out.

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Billy and Victoria take Johnny to Crimson Lights and asks him why he pushed his classmate. “She tried to kiss me,” he laughs. They make him promise not to push anyone else and then get Billy schools him about women. The parents bicker about this and then call over the girl he pushed and her mom. He apologizes and they go off to play and return with a picture.


At the ranch, Lauren panics to Michael, who tries to keep her calm. Nikki assures them that Victor’s contacts will get to the bottom of this. Victor pops up to say that his contacts are narrowing things down. Lauren wants to pay the ransom. Victor urges her to wait until they know he’s still alive. She worries about not telling Scott she loves him. The kidnappers call and she demands a photo of her son. They hang up. She flips out until they send her a photo. When they call back, Victor answers and announces that they are dealing with him from now on. Once he’s off the line, they talk strategy. Victor insists that he sends someone to drop off the money and pick up Scott. Lauren apologizes to Nikki for dragging Victor into this. Nikki knows what she’s going though. She tells her about Victoria being held hostage. The redhead wishes she could let her son know how hard they are working to get him back. Nikki is reassuring and decides to fix her nails.

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Victor and Michael go to Newman to get the money together. Victor explains that he’s sending someone who knows Scott to get him. “He’s family,” Kevin explains, as he arrives. Michael thinks this is too dangerous for him. Victor explains that special ops will go with him. The lawyer isn’t sure if he should be grateful or furious with Victor.

At the Chancellor estate, Esther comes in with the mail for Jill. She freaks out when she finds a letter from Mrs. C. They check the handwriting to authenticate it and wonder what the ‘old fossil’ could be up to.

Colin meets with Jasper at the Club. The appraisal for the ring is high.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Nick’s daughter calls him, “It’s grandma, something’s not right. I’m scared!”

“Tell me you’ve got good news. Everything depends on it,” Colin prompts Jasper.

Jill reads Katherine’s letter, “I’m sorry if the journey has annoyed you, but in the end, it’s lead you to what’s rightfully yours.” Jill wonders what’s rightfully hers.

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