At the Club bar, Gloria baits Jack by referring to their night in bed. They rehash their fractured business deal and Jack prepares to leave. Glo encourages him to stick around so as not to miss GC Buzz, which promises to be an explosive episode. Jack asks, “What have you done?”

In the Jabot elevator, Phyllis pulls away from Billy’s kiss. He wants her to admit she misses him. Phyllis hisses at him for using her to get back at Victoria and storms out of the lift.

Victoria arrives at home to hear Reed entertaining Johnny and Katie with a story involving trolls and a princess named Zoey. Vikki thanks Reed for helping out and starts going over her credit card statement. Later, she confronts Reed for using her card online to access live cams of the World’s Naughtiest Nymphs! Reed admits it. Victoria rants and stomps off. She returns and Reed apologizes. Victoria goes on about breaches of trust and grounds him for a month off everything.

At GC Buzz, Devon questions Hilary giving him divorce papers with no settlement. Hilary wants nothing from him. Devon wonders if she expects him to believe that. Hilary thinks the binding legal contract makes it clear. Hilary joins Mariah and they start airing ‘Clarissa’s’ story.

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In the Club, Jack grimaces and seethes as he watches Gloria’s anonymous interview with GC Buzz. Gloria offers him popcorn and enthuses that they’re getting to the good part. Just as ‘Clarissa’ is about to reveal Jack’s identity, the broadcast cuts out. Gloria curses. Hilary appears on the screen and says the conclusion will be postponed due to technical difficulties.

On the set, Hilary is livid that Mariah failed to mention her interview was slashing her close friend, Jack Abbott. Devon intervenes as Mariah denies ambushing Hilary. Hil learns ‘Clarissa’ was Gloria and tells Mariah she has a history with the Abbotts. Mariah suggests Hilary saved Jack because she’s planning on making him her next conquest. Devon agrees. Mariah storms off, and Devon tells Hilary if she feels the allegations about Jack are lies, to find the proof. She intends to do just that. After, Mariah returns and apologizes to Devon, who explains what Hilary’s gone to do. Talk turns to the divorce. Devon feels there’s only one way to know if Hilary’s sincere about not wanting money. He phones to have a cashier’s check for 250 million dollars made out to Hilary Curtis Hamilton.

At the Club, Jack wonders why Gloria didn’t just blackmail him for money and stalks off. Gloria’s eyes light up. After a while, Jack approaches Gloria in a more conciliatory manner – he realizes she deserves compensation for her effort. She purrs, “Oh, Jackie Boy, so you do remember what happened that night.” Jack clarifies, “For your effort to help with Fenmore’s.” Gloria advises him to come up with a compensation offer fast. Later, Jack meets with Hilary and comes clean about the situation with Gloria. Hil wants to expose her, but Jack can’t open Jabot up to that – he has to give her what she wants.

Gloria meets Mariah at GC Buzz and tells her Jack will pay for his sins one way or another; she’s suddenly winning.

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Billy follows Phyllis to Crimson Lights to apologize. He concedes that she was right – Victoria is his trigger, and she’s his favorite vice. Phyllis says he overstepped. She calls him out for trying to get back with both of them. After, Phyllis meets an online date, Troy, who talks incessantly about his crazy, evil ex-wife, Pam. Billy watches from the counter and finally intervenes, introducing himself as Phyllis’ boyfriend. He settles in and weaves a tale of him and Phyllis having a fight and begs her for another chance. Phyllis apologetically tells Troy she’ll have to wrap this up. Troy urges them to fix things and leaves. Phyllis laughingly thanks Billy for the rescue; they can be friends. Talk turns to Internet dating. Phyllis admits it was Nick’s idea and she’s never doing it again. Billy gets a call from Reed saying his mother’s out of control. Billy won’t get involved and disconnects. Phyllis teases him about his adult behavior. He teases her about setting her up on a date with one of his friends – he thinks he knows what she wants in the man category. They grin as Phyllis says her date can’t have history with her exes or their exes. Billy says, “I think you’re going to find somebody.” She replies, “I did once, but I am not looking for that to happen again.”

At home, Reed rails at Victoria for poisoning Billy against him. He accuses her of cutting Billy out of his life – she’s just like Victor – cold and mean!

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Faith says, “I want to come home, Mom. I want to come home today!”

Gloria tells Jack, “You are making it sound like I am nothing to you but a sex object, which is exactly what got you into this problem.”

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