At home, Victoria is upset Billy spoke to Reed about sex. Billy speaks to Victoria alone and assures her he taught him about condoms and being safe. Victoria feels Billy should have told her. He tries to downplay what they walked in on, but Victoria recalls her own experience with sex at a young age. Billy counters that sex won’t ruin Reed’s life. Victoria dislikes his cavalier attitude and wonders if she’ll be able to trust him down the road with Johnny and Katherine. Billy is offended and defends himself. Victoria throws him out. Reed appears and apologizes for being such a problem. He wants her to forgive Billy. Victoria doesn’t think he can understand their dynamic. Reed understands she’s cold and mean.

In The Top of the Tower, Lauren confirms by phone with Phyllis that Gloria is in cahoots with Jack. She disconnects when Gloria appears. Lauren accuses her of conspiring with Jack. Glo counters that he’s trying to save her company. Lauren wonders what Jack promised her, and calls her a master manipulator. Glo feels she will have to cut a deal with Jack, but Lauren says she has other options, and declines to elaborate.

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At Jabot, Phyllis confronts Jack about sabotaging Lauren’s deals. Jack insists he’s been clear about his plan all along, and Gloria was merely sharing insights with him. Phyllis warns Lauren won’t sign a deal with him now and reminds him this is her family legacy. Jack thinks Lauren will be thanking him. Phyllis calls him untrustworthy. Jack questions her trying to behave morally superior. They continue to bicker. Jack informs Phyllis this is happening whether she likes it or not. Later, Gloria arrives and informs a cocky Jack that Lauren claims to have other options. Jack doesn’t believe it – they have Lauren right where they want her.

In the Club dining room, Mariah urges Sharon to eat and reassures her about Dylan. Sharon worries that if Dylan is suffering because of something she did, she will never forgive herself.

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At the station, Kevin informs Christine that Fisk is in custody. Chris is thrilled but can’t celebrate until they know Dylan is safe.

In Miami, at the crime scene, Paul orders his man to get a blood type from the blood scraping – he has to know what happened to his son! Paul phones Christine to update her – he’ll be questioning Fisk and wants her to find Sharon and tell her what happened. Chris realizes he wants her to tell Sharon her husband may be dead. Paul’s gut instinct tells him something went wrong. He disconnects when Fisk is brought in. Paul warns him the only way he’s getting out of prison upright is by telling him where to find his officer. Fisk denies he ever saw Derek Young. Paul reaches for his gun and orders him to start talking…or he won’t make it to court. Fisk admits he saw Derek, but had no idea he was undercover. Paul roughs him up. Fisk maintains if Derek’s missing, he had nothing to do with it. Paul checks in with Kevin, who shares that the blood wasn’t Dylan’s blood type. They wonder if he shot one of Fisk’s men. Paul is handed a bracelet found on the perimeter.

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Mariah is reassuring Sharon at the Club when Chris arrives. She tells Sharon they haven’t heard from Dylan, and they don’t know if he’s okay. Sharon gets emotional, knowing he could be dead. Chris relays that he sent them evidence, but they haven’t heard from him since. Sharon worries something went very wrong and asks Chris to level with her. Chris admits Paul would have felt better if they’d heard from Dylan. Sharon leaves in tears.

Phyllis joins Lauren at Top of the Tower, and learns she has another potential investor. Phyllis hopes it goes well because Jack taking over would be the worst scenario for Fenmore’s. Once alone, Lauren tells someone on the phone she’ll send a car tomorrow when he arrives; they’ll be an unstoppable team. Jack appears. Lauren tells him to enjoy the special and put it on her tab.

At the Club bar, Phyllis spots a miserable looking Billy and joins him. He’s ticked off at Victoria as usual. Phyllis shares her frustrations regarding Jack. Talk turns back to Victoria. Billy fills her in on trying to help with Reed. Phyllis suggests he let Victoria handle her son on her own. Billy wonders what else he’d find to occupy his time. She’s sure he’ll figure it out and says it was good to see him.

Chris returns to the station and speaks to Paul by phone. She confirms that the bracelet found was Dylan’s. “Something must have happened to him, Chris.”

At home, Sharon tells Mariah the universe is punishing her for lying about Sully. Mariah insists it’s not. Sharon agrees to be more positive, so Mariah leaves for work. Sharon is looking at Dylan’s photo when the door opens behind her. She turns. Dylan is there.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Neil says to Lily, “I am so proud of you.” Lily tells him, “There is just one little problem.”

Billy says to Cane, “Like a guy who doesn’t want his wife to succeed?” Cane replies, “I’m not like that and you know it. You blindsided me; you did it deliberately.”

Paul tells Chris he’ll just catch the first plane out that he can. Chris replies, “Just be careful, Fisk’s people are still out there.”

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