A huge henchman gets into Dylan’s car in Miami. The man wants him to drive. Dylan asks why he would go anywhere with him. The henchman shows a gun. Alex is at their destination. She teases that she is Fisk, but then admits she is not – her boss had a last-minute engagement. Dylan moves to leave, but the henchman blocks him. Dylan hands over his phone and wallet to win Alex’s trust. She complains no one they talked to had ever met him.

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Sharon arrives at the police station, and pleads with Kevin to give her proof that Dylan is okay. Kevin insists he has no information and no way to get in touch with him. Kevin has to go address a computer issue and leaves her in Paul’s office. She finds a burner phone with one unknown contact in it.

In Miami, Alex answers Dylan’s phone. Sharon is on the other end. “Hello?” Alex asks what she wants. Sharon says ‘wrong number’ and disconnects. Dylan insists to Alex that only his boss has that number, but she says it was a woman – it’s proof he’s a liar. Dylan confesses that the caller was ‘Amanda’, his boss’ right-hand. He accuses her of being jealous and she invites him to prove that Amanda means nothing to him. Dylan kisses her and she starts undressing him.

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When Kevin returns to Paul’s office, Sharon pretends to have lost her keys and plants them under a paper. Kevin locates them and offers to tell Dylan she loves him if he is in contact.

In The Top of the Tower, Victor remarks to Nikki and Faith about the difficulties of rounding up the whole family. Nikki wishes Abby and Summer could be there. Nick, Noah, and Christian arrive. Nick learns Chelsea has been invited. Nikki calls Victoria.

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At home, Victoria speaks to Nikki by phone as Reed cranks his guitar in the background. Frazzled, Vikki agrees to attend the gathering. After, Reed reveals he doesn’t plan to join them. He eventually agrees to go, but is put out at having to dress up.

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At The Top of the Tower, Nick gently warns Victor about letting Faith have fun; it’s not all about winning. Chelsea and Connor arrive. She and Nick make awkward conversation. Nearby, Victor offers for Noah to work there instead of the dingy bar. Victoria and her kids’ arrival interrupts the conversation. Reed eyes up the bar. Victoria asks Nick to be there if Reed needs to talk about guy stuff. Meanwhile, Nikki suggests Reed join the school orchestra and learn to play the cello. It doesn’t appeal to him, but he appreciates her offer to play guitar at the ranch where he won’t bother anyone. Once alone, Reed spikes his drink. Noah joins him and they talk about their interest in guitar. Noah invites him to open mic night at The Underground. Across the room, Victor tells Chelsea she will always be part of the family and he hopes Connor and Christian will be close as brothers should be. Vic then calls everyone to the table. They all try to guess what he is up to. Victor talks about family being the most important asset and they toast. “To the Newmans!” As the party breaks up, Nick asks Chelsea to stay a little longer. She can’t say no to wine. They sit and chat. Nick misses hanging out together. They laugh about how awkward they felt around each other tonight because of the New Year’s kiss and feel relieved to be on track as friends again. Nearby, Victor reflects on father and son relationships with Nikki. He thinks there has to be a happy medium between his strictness and Noah and Nick being like friends.

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Noah arrives at Sharon’s place and notices she’s off. She doesn’t want to discuss it, so they talk about Victor’s odd get-together. Noah presses her as to what she’s upset about. She admits Dylan is working undercover and confides that she went against the rules to try and contact him. Later, Sharon puts on Dylan’s wedding band.

In Miami, Dylan pictures Sharon as he has sex with Alex. After, he feels his naked ring finger as she makes a call and arranges his meeting with Fisk. Alex tells him, “Tomorrow you meet my boss. Tonight, I’m the only one you have to please.” They start kissing again.

At home, Victoria urges Reed to talk to Nick about guy things. Reed says Noah invited him to the open mic night at Nick’s club. Vikki forbids it. She goes upstairs and Reed steps outside to throw up.

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