At the station, Paul hopes the no news is good news regarding Dylan. Christine reassures him. Kevin appears and says Dylan’s meeting with Fisk’s number two man is going down tonight. Paul wants more information. Sharon appears – she demands to talk to her husband immediately. She makes her pitch and Kevin says Dylan’s only communicating through burner phones. Sharon is irritated that he is communicating with him. Christine points out that Sharon let it slip to Nikki that Dylan was on a case. Paul asks to speak to Sharon alone. He tells her he can’t help her, and tries to make her see she could jeopardize the mission by making contact. Sharon is frustrated and furious. She lashes out at Paul – if something happens to Dylan it is on him. After, Christine rejoins Paul and gripes that they have to get things under control. Kevin is ordered to report anything he hears as Fisk’s number two is probably just as ruthless.

In Miami, Dylan dons sunglasses and is sporting a goatee as ‘Derek Young’. He answers the phone in a tough guy voice. “Start talking.” He gets upset about a last minute change and barks that his scotch should be waiting for him. He exits the room.

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At a bar, Dylan waits to meet Fisk’s number two, Alex (Jess Webb), who proves to be a female. She gathers he was expecting a guy and wants to know more about ‘Derek’. He gives her his spiel about living the playboy life and moving product. As they flirt, he asks to meet Fisk, but she wants to party. After a few drinks, they decide to take the party upstairs. Alex reveals she has cocaine.

Nikki clucks over Victor’s sore shoulder at the ranch. She senses he’s still thinking about finding something to invest himself in. Victor feels boxing will help him see things clearly. Nikki has something to do and leaves.

In the tackhouse, Nick tells Faith good morning. She wants pancakes, and they discuss the fun they had last night. He assures her she won’t be put in the middle of him and Sharon anymore. Christian awakens as they’re making plans. Faith gets cereal as Nick returns with the baby and talks up his multi-tasking skills. Faith is dubious. Later, Nick is on the phone trying to hire a nanny when Christian flicks yogurt all over him. Nikki arrives with two young women in tow. Nick is taken aback that she’s screening potential nannies. Nikki assures him she thinks he’s a good father. Nick agrees to consider her candidates and meets with each of them while the other plays with Christian. When Nikki returns later on, Nick announces he hired Monica as his nanny. Nikki brings up Dylan – she doesn’t trust Sharon to keep her updated. She leaves. Nick prepares to leave the baby with Monica, who wonders if he’s a helicopter parent. She goes upstairs to comfort Christian, and Nick listens in the monitor.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victor meets with Abby and tells her he no longer wants to bury himself in work and wishes to spend more time with family. Abby is way ahead of him – her passion is the company. She wants to prove herself to him and do more. Victor surprises her by saying he looks forward to her following in his footsteps. Abby asks for a chance to do a meeting alone and he grants his permission for her to do the deal – in his office. Abby sits in her father’s chair and grins. Later, Abby calls Victor and reports that she got a better deal than he was looking for and the contracts are signed. He’s proud. Nikki arrives and Victor fills her in. She reports that she helped Nicholas find a nanny. Now she wishes she could help Dylan. Vic offers to look for him. Nikki declines. Talk turns to him pulling back from work. Nikki likes this new Victor…a lot.

Sharon arrives home and Mariah wonders if Dylan is in some kind of trouble. Sharon complains that she knows nothing – he’s undercover and not allowed to have contact with any of them. Sharon reveals that Dylan volunteered for the job, as he needed distance from the situation with Sully…and from her. She talks about him leaving his wedding band behind. Mariah urges her to sit tight, but Sharon can’t ignore the alarm bells in her head.

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Jack greets Gloria and Michael at the Club. “Hello you two, may I join you?” Gloria looks wary.

Christine says, “Maybe he felt that he didn’t want to risk it?” Paul replies, “Dylan would find a way.” Kevin asks, “What if he’s in serious trouble?”

Alex holds up something she finds in Dylan’s room.

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