Chloe sidles into the police station and complains to Kevin that her boyfriend has gone missing. Kevin’s extremely busy and can’t leave. Chloe opens her trench coat and flashes him. An officer nearly sees, which flusters Kevin. He sends a text about a confidential case and then leaves with Chloe.

In Michael’s living room, he wants to know what Gloria’s interest is in Lauren’s business. He realizes his mother wants him to help her get a job with Lauren, who already turned her down. Gloria admits it, but insists she can help. She fishes for information about Lauren’s meeting with the investor, but Michael shuts her down. After, Michael wants to move Gloria to the Athletic Club. He’ll pay the tab for tonight at least. Glo grumbles about squandering money, but goes to pack.

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At the Club, Lauren gives a potential investor her pitch. He says her reputation precedes her, as does Fenmore’s, and he’s interested in investing. Gloria arrives in time to see them wrapping up their meeting. The investor heads to the spa. Gloria soon follows him into the sauna and proceeds to rant about the horrible customer service she received at Fenmore’s today. She confides that many of her friends have had similar experiences. In a Club suite, Chloe and Kevin are making out. She intercepts a call from Michael, who calls back. Kevin takes it. Michael tells him it’s his turn to take Gloria. Kevin declines, but Michael informs him, “Tomorrow she’s all yours.” After, Chloe is super stressed. Kevin gets her to drop the trench coat, but there’s a knock – Chloe got them massages. Later, Chloe and Kevin, in bathrobes, head down to the sauna. They are making out when Gloria clears her throat.

At The Underground, Noah chides Nick for coming in with Christian. Nick complains that he’s on a nanny search again, and invites his son to give him the ‘you could be a better parent’ lecture. Noah urges him to make up with Sharon. They rehash the situation. Noah says Faith is struggling – he and Sharon need to find some middle ground. Nick isn’t sure he can get past what she did. Noah feels she’ll never have peace while they’re arguing.

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Faith plays chess with Victor at the ranch. Her grandfather feels she’s bright and has the Newman instinct for winning. Faith worries about how long she’ll be able to stay there, and about her parents fighting. Nikki joins the conversation. Faith wonders what to do about her parents – she wants everyone to be happy and is trying to figure out how she fits in. Victor says he never knew how he fit in, and that family is everything. Faith worries she’ll mess things up. After she goes upstairs, Nikki phones Nick and asks him to come by because Faith needs him. When Nick arrives, Faith is excited to see him and Christian. Nick leaves the baby with his parents to take Faith skating. After, Victor tells Nikki about teaching Faith chess and she laughs that he’s mellowed. Vic admits it, but isn’t ready to retire yet. Nikki thinks his next great passion is out there waiting for him to discover.

Lauren arrives at home where Michael announces Gloria’s departure and opens some champagne. He apologizes for reacting inappropriately to her bad news. She feels she should have told him months ago. They express their love and toast to being wrong and admitting it. Lauren reveals her business problems may be a thing of the past and talks happily about the investor being excited to come on board. Michael says she awes and amazes him. Suddenly, Lauren gets a call from the investor, who now doubts her ability to run the company. They wonder what could have changed his mind.

At the tackhouse, Faith throws a snowball at Nick and he chases her around the sofa. Next, she beats him at checkers. Nick learns Victor’s been teaching her about winning.

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