Victor visits Victoria and Reed comes downstairs and hugs him. Victor hasn’t seen him in years and remarks on how much he’s grown. He learns Reed showed up New Year’s Eve and will be staying. Once alone, Victor grills Victoria. “What’s going on?” Victoria is explaining when Reed passes through the room. Victor stops him and asks him about school. Reed heads back upstairs. Victor is chuffed about his grandson being back and him reconnecting with them. Victoria is unsure, but then decides her father is right. Vikki-Reed-YR-HWVictor leaves after hollering up at Reed to come over and get to know the family. Later, Reed asks his mother why she didn’t tell Grandpa he was in town. She assures him she’s thrilled he’s there. They talk about his issues with JT; he felt he was in the way there. Victoria says this is his home. “You got that?”

At GC Buzz, Mariah tries to reach Hilary. Roz (Angela Lin) appears and tells her Devon was in an accident. Mariah takes off.

In the hospital waiting area, Neil reassures Hilary about Devon still being in surgery. Lily arrives, asks for an update, and then lashes out at Hilary – it is her fault he was in that car and if he doesn’t make it, it’s on her! Hilary and Lily have it out as Neil intervenes. Mariah appears. Hilary exclaims – another person who thinks she’s responsible for everything. Bickering ensues after Hilary tells Mariah she’s partially to blame for Devon’s situation. Stitch enters. Devon is out of surgery and headed to the ICU, but he is not out of danger; he had internal damage to his organs and a severe concussion. Stitch, Neil, and Lily exit leaving Mariah to ask Hilary about GC Buzz. Hilary snaps at her about putting Devon’s life at risk and suggests she do the show; she’s not leaving. Mariah begins to defend herself, but instead asks to be kept updated. At the ICU, Hilary is taken in to see Devon as Neil comforts Lily. At Devon’s bedside, Hilary cries. She’s so sorry. Hil tells him what happened and expresses regret – she wants his forgiveness and begs him to wake up. “I love you so much.” Hil rejoins Neil and Lily, who has just hung up from Cane. They go in to see Devon, and Stitch tells Hilary Devon is lucky to have her. At Devon’s bedside, Lily sobs that she’ll be Hilary’s best friend if that’s what Devon wants, as long as he makes it through. They are discussing him wanting to end his marriage when Devon moves his head. He begins to convulse. Lily and Hilary hold each other and watch as Stitch uses the defibrillator to try to save Devon’s life.

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Noah and Faith hang out at Crimson Lights. She’s happy at the ranch, but Noah warns this can’t be permanent. Faith isn’t impressed to be receiving a lecture. Noah says it’s a reality check. He talks about how rough this is on Mom, Dad, and Dylan too. Faith doesn’t want to hurt them; she spent New Year’s Eve with Nick. Noah suggests she reach out to her parents more often.

Sharon arrives at the ranch looking to see Faith. She won’t allow Nikki to tell her what she can and cannot do, and heads upstairs. Sharon comes back down and Nikki informs her Faith is out with Noah. Sharon apologizes. Nikki wonders what’s going on with her – is there something about Dylan? Sharon insists things are fine with Dylan, though he’s on an assignment. Faith and Noah arrive. Faith looks at Noah as she asks to spend time with Sharon. It’s agreed, and they leave. Nikki and Noah discuss Faith’s situation and Sharon. Nikki acknowledges that Sharon is going through a difficult time, but she has Dylan to lean on. Victor enters and shares his ‘very good news’ about Reed. Noah goes. Nikki tells Victor she’s worried about Dylan who is on assignment. Vic urges her to call him.

At GC Buzz, Mariah rejoins Roz, who worries about how to handle the news of Devon’s accident. Mariah agrees to announce it live, and does so briefly, giving a nice tribute to Devon, and announcing reruns will air for now.

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At Sharon’s place, she admits to Faith that she misses her, but all that matters is that she’s safe and happy. She understands Faith needs her space. Faith wonders if her parents were divorced. Sharon replies, “Sort of.” Later, Sharon and Faith hear a cellphone ringing – it’s Dylan’s. Faith questions why Dylan left his phone and wedding ring. Sharon explains Dylan doesn’t want the bad guys to know anything about him. Faith is concerned. Sharon relays that Dylan will be gone a while, and he loves her.

Back at the ranch, Nikki has left a voicemail for Dylan, and Victor learns Faith is with her mother. He thinks it’s a good idea, despite what they think of her.

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Phyllis says to Lauren, “This is my chance to show what I can do, and I get to help one of my best friends take her company right to the top.”

Hilary tells Devon, “I’m not leaving you here alone.”

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