In Jack’s office, he and Neil agonize about not having a venue for the charity gala. Jack vows they’ll make it happen. Neil thinks it’s impossible to pull it off. Jack finds Ravi and asks after Ashley. Ravi says she left.

At the Top of the Tower, Ashley offers Victor a chance for some good publicity by letting them have the space for the Abbott-Winters gala. She assures Victor that Jack doesn’t know she’s asking, and suggests helping would be good karma. Victor resists. Ashley reminds him the foundation helps people who battle addictions, like his wife. Victor agrees. They shake on it. Ashley asks, “What’s the catch?” Victor wants them to let Brash & Sassy stay at Jabot in return. Ash feels the price is too high, and questions him not wanting to swoop in and save Victoria. Victor says Victoria wants to stay in that space. Ash reminds him that space is her lab. Vic tells her not if she wants the Tower for the gala.

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At GC Buzz, Devon works to convince Hilary and Mariah they have the makings of a good team. Hilary asks Mariah to help her with the Abbott-Winters event – as a producer. She needs someone who can make sure everything runs smoothly; she can’t afford to make a mistake. Hil is surprised when Mariah readily agrees. Later, Mariah notices a cord running under a mat and remembers Hilary standing near a cord that ran under the red carpet she walked on when she fell. She realizes Hilary moved the cord with her shoe and caused her fall.

In their living room, Sharon urges Dylan to talk to her about Christian. Dylan tears up. “I miss him…so much.” Sharon thinks Nick will let them see him now that he came over on Christmas. Dylan tells her he saw Nick today and he made it clear it was a one-time deal. Sharon worries when Dylan announces he has to go to work. He wonders if she thinks he’ll snap, tersely reassures her, and leaves. After, Noah arrives to let Sharon know that Faith had a good Christmas day. Sharon gets teary. Noah reassures her that it’s tough being caught in a tug-of-war, but she’ll be fine. He mentions Nick’s impromptu visit. Sharon says it made everything worse for Dylan. Noah defends Nick being protective of the boy. Sharon thinks Christian is Dylan’s weak point.

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At home, Hilary talks about work ideas with Devon, who surprises her with a rack of dresses from Fenmore’s – she can choose one for the benefit. Hilary roots through the rack enthusiastically before undressing – she’ll need some help finding one she can slip out of easily. Devon grins, and soon they decide on one. They make love, and afterward, talk about sharing things as equals. They have everything they’ve ever wanted.

Dylan arrives at the station, where Christine tells him it’s their last chance to bring down this drug lord. As she goes on about how dangerous it is, he zones out to think about Christian. Dylan tells Christine he needs this; the riskier the better. Christine is concerned – he can’t tell Sharon where he’s going and has no idea how long he’ll be gone. Dylan doesn’t want to be talked out of it. He accepts the plane ticket to Miami.

Ashley returns to Jabot and announces she found a venue for the gala. Ravi bristles when Neil whoops and picks Ashley up. Jack realizes it’s Newman Towers and says, “When hell freezes over.” Neil wants to hear the terms. Ash says he wants Jack to tear up Brash & Sassy’s eviction notice. Neil and Ashley urge Jack to let go of his anger toward Billy for sleeping with Phyllis. Jack stalks off. Later, Ravi expresses his confidence in Ashley, who tells him if the gala happens she’ll hire him to help out.

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Dylan returns home and Noah talks about putting the kids first before leaving. Dylan tells Sharon he is leaving on a new assignment. He can’t tell her anything about it. Sharon gets panicky and realizes he’s doing this because of Christian. Dylan has to do it to survive and assures her he’ll be back. Sharon begs him not to go. Dylan doesn’t want to waste the time they have left and pulls her into a kiss. Later, Sharon holds Dylan as he gazes out the window.

Jack arrives at Top of the Tower and informs Victor that hell just froze over – he’s accepting the terms of his offer. Victor notes they both loathe Billy. Jack stops him; what he thinks of his brother is his business. Vic says the gala could turn out to be more interesting than he thought. They strike the deal with a handshake.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

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Hilary stands at a podium. “Who’s ready to start this auction?!”

Mariah watches everyone applaud for Hilary. “I won’t be the one taking a fall tonight.”

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