Deconstructing Y&R! Anticipation and dread surround Sharon’s secret

An unidentified man in a dark alley takes a call from Jack who demands to meet. Minutes later, Jack is approached by a man with a disguised voice and face. Jack asks his contact if the information he gave him is true, which the mystery man assures him it is. Jack decides to move up the revenge plan.

In Phyllis’ office, Victor accuses Phyllis of leaking the documents. Phyllis would do anything to get back in Jack’s good books. Victor suggests Phyllis come to him before Jack launches another attack, so he can prevent it and save Jack from his ruthless payback. He tells Phyllis she can be “Jack’s guardian angel.” Victor leaves. Phyllis heads back to Jack’s office only to find him gone.

Jack arrives back at his office to find Phyllis waiting. Phyllis tells him about Victor wanting her to confess but swears Jack can trust her. After some pressing, Jack agrees to tell Phyllis his revenge plan. Later, Phyllis has heard the plan and calls it insane. Jack wants to know if she is in or out.

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At the club bar, Hilary approaches Ashley and offers the chance to interview. Ashley declines, but Hilary presses her for information about the Newman documents. Jack has motive, but Hilary thinks Phyllis is behind the leak and wants Ashley to confirm it. Ashley is saved from answering by Devon. Ashley tells Devon Hilary’s work is disgusting and storms off, only to bump into Victor on his way in. Victor warns Ashley to stop Jack before he retaliates. Ashley leaves. Michael joins Victor who announces he is launching a lawsuit. Michael doesn’t understand why Victor called him considering he betrayed him. Victor thinks Michael owes him. Michael agrees to work for him and is shocked when Victor announces he is suing Hilary and Devon. Victor storms up to Hilary and Devon. Hilary films the entire exchange as Victor tries to reason with Devon. Victor demands to know who GC Buzz’s source is and offers to drop the suit in exchange. Hilary tells Victor an anonymous package was delivered and they don’t know who the source is. Victor throws Katherine in Devon’s face claiming Katherine would disapprove, but Devon doesn’t crack, pledging his support to Hilary. Victor green lights the lawsuit. Later, Victor assures Michael he has nothing to hide and that the documents are fake.

Back at GC Buzz, Hilary thanks Devon for his support with a passionate kiss. Hilary plans to edit Victor’s confrontation but Devon declares it is too risky. Hilary needs to find out the source and prove that the documents are legit.

At Chelsea 2.0, Chloe is distracted as Chelsea shows her designs. Chloe has a date for dinner with Kevin, who shows up right on cue wearing a fancy suit. They leave.

At Top of the Tower, Kevin and Chloe flirt and banter. Chloe brings up how sad Chelsea is and wishes she could do something. Kevin thinks things will work out as they should. Chloe suggests they skip dessert.


Later, back at Chelsea’s, Kevin turns down Chloe’s offer for a drink, preferring to move cautiously. Seconds later he changes his mind and they passionately kiss, heading upstairs and making out on her bed.

At Sharon’s Dylan arrives as Nick is about to leave. Nick and Sharon update him on the pumpkin patch, trying to keep things light. Mariah comes down with Sully to a delighted Dylan. After the women leave, Nick and Dylan catch up. Sharon didn’t mention her feeling that Patty was the mystery caller, but she did mention it to Nick. Nick assures Dylan that Sharon was just protecting him. Sharon and Mariah rejoin them. Before leaving, Nick says goodbye to Sully, suddenly flashing back to urging Christian to fight in the hospital. After Nick leaves, Sharon goes upstairs to put Sully down. Dylan tells Mariah he knows she visited Patty. Mariah spins the same tale to Dylan as she did for Paul and suggests Patty needs to be transferred to a different facility. Sharon comes back down and Dylan demands to know why Patty is so obsessed with Sharon and Sully. Patty killed Dr. Anderson and drew a picture of Sharon pregnant and it all has to mean something. Sharon gets frustrated – Patty is mentally ill and they will never figure her out. Sharon says Dylan just got home and there are better things to talk about. Her phone starts to ring.

At Chelsea 2.0, Nick visits Chelsea and tells her about how saying goodbye to Sully suddenly brought up memories of Christian. Being with Sully is not painful though, and Sully reminds Nick of Christian. He tells Chelsea that he can tell Sharon is hiding something – he’s seen that look in her eyes before.

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