At the Abbott house, Ashley asks Jack about what’s on the flashdrive. He feigns ignorance. She keeps probing but he won’t give much up and leaves in a huff.

Travis arrives in the Newman office. Natalie introduces herself to him and then lets him in to see Victor. The mustache is worried that they have a leak. Travis gets defensive. Victor orders him out and then tells Natalie to knock him off the list.

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Billy leaps in the Jabot elevator with Phyllis. He quizzes her about the drive. She stops the elevator and explains the drive has nothing he’d be interested in. He thinks Ashley should know what she’s up to. She turns the elevator back on. Dave is at the door when it stops. Phyllis explains that he’ll make sure Billy stays away from Jabot. At Brash & Sassy, Victoria solves a production issue and Cane is impressed by how fast that happened. Billy enters and explains why Dave is escorting him to his desk. Once he’s gone, the three execs debate market strategy. Travis arrives, eager to talk to Victoria. They go into the conference room. Billy worries about what they are talking about. Inside, Travis tells Victoria what happened with her father. She says her father’s distrust is a common trait in her family. That makes him uncomfortable. She doesn’t want to be blindsided. He walks out. Upstairs, Jack visits Phyllis in her office. They realize that his siblings might be on to him. He doesn’t care, he’s even looking forward to Victor figuring out what happened. Jack tells her that the kind old Jack is gone. Once he leaves, Ash drops in to warn Phyllis that she will drive her out of town if she messes up her brother’s life. Phyllis intended to win Jack back.

At GC Buzz, Devon defends their new style, even though they have been losing viewers. Hilary fumes about what they’ve been giving up. He claims they have integrity. Once he leaves, she reads comments on the web about her show and gets offended. Emily runs over with a hot story. Hilary says she’ll have to show it to Devon but Emily thinks that would be a mistake. Pretty soon, they are taping her new show.

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Lily is at the bar in the club when she gets a call from Cane. They agree to take off for a trip. He’s working late and gets off the line.

Devon joins Lily and Neil at a restaurant. He tells them about his changes to GC Buzz. Lily wonders how long those will last. They argue about Hilary until Devon gets fed up and walks out. Neil suggests she be more judicious. They chat about Cane. Jack shows up and Neil tries to lure him into a meeting about the foundation. Jack resists and Neil tells him to find something other than work to concentrate on. After Neil exits, Jack smirks as he looks over at Victor. He smarmily starts complimenting him on how well he’s re-built his business. Victor doesn’t buy it and walks out.

When Devon returns to GC Buzz, he finds Hilary still recording, talking about how Victor Newman has deceived the public and his employees about his shaky empire. Once that ends, Devon tells her they can’t air this without fact checking it. He suggests she interview Victor.

Devon and Hilary drop by Victor’s office and request a comment about the internal memos they received about him cooking the books. He kicks them out.

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“Did you think you could sneak this on air without me knowing or did you just not care?” Devon asks Hilary.

“I’m the one who gave it to Victor with both barrels,” Jack tells Ashley.

“I know I tried to be the voice of reason last night, but everything that you’ve been worried about is all coming true,” Mariah tells Sharon.

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