At Adam’s memorial, Victor talks about Adam being like him – he could be ruthless, but had a big heart when it came to his family. Jill slips in. Victor tells Chelsea he wanted their family to be happy, but fate stepped in and cut Adam’s life short. “If you’re wondering who to blame for Adam’s death, you’re looking at him.” Victor admits he wanted to control Adam’s life. Kevin arrives. Michael whispers that Victor’s about to confess. Jack stands up and informs Victor that if Adam were there, he’d forgive him. He goes on about not being able to control the ones we love, and how people have to write their own story. Jack is sorry Victor lost a son, and will miss Adam a great deal. Vic thanks Jack. Chelsea takes the podium and directs her words to Connor, reassuring him they’ll be okay. His dad wasn’t perfect, but they were his heart. Chelsea tells Connor his grandfather came through for them when they needed him most. She ends by saying they’ll be brave, like Daddy. After, Nick takes Chelsea and Connor home. Chloe watches them leave. She tells Michael, Kevin, and Sharon to go ahead to Crimson Lights. Chloe hangs back and asks Vic what stopped him from confessing. Victor hopes she told him the truth about being innocent, or she’ll wish she lived on another planet. Jill stops Victoria, who lets her know Travis is traveling to Seattle with her – it was Billy’s idea. Jill grimaces. “Damn.” Jack flashes to finding out Gabriel was Adam and making him promise to be a better man. Ash grills Jack about Phyllis not being there. Jack is fine with her not coming, as long as they’re honest with each other. Jill and Ashley compare notes on Phyllis’ lack of support for Jack. Ash remarks on how much sympathy Phyllis has for Billy.

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In the cabin, Billy tells Phyllis it’s the first time they’ve been alone since Jill found out about them. She says to hell with Jill. They kiss hungrily, start undressing, and make love on the floor. After, they cuddle and remark on Genoa City being far away. Phyllis says they have to make a choice. Billy warns her not to say it’s the last time. She’s not. Phyllis informs him they have to live two lives – one in public, and one in secret, just for them. Billy feels they wouldn’t be doing Jack any favors; they should come clean and deal with it like adults. Phyllis worries about Summer and Victoria’s reactions. Billy wants her all the time. He gets a text from Jill. Phyllis gets one from Jack. They ignore their calls…

At the memorial, Jill leaves a ranty message on Billy’s voicemail to get to the airport. Nearby, Jack leaves Phyllis a message to meet him. Across the room, Abby worries about Victor. Ash suggests she go home to her husband. Abby is glad he didn’t come – she’s tired of pretending.

Back at the cabin, Phyllis tells Billy they must get back to town. She doesn’t want to hurt Jack. Billy counters, “We already have.”

Billy and Phyllis arrive together at the Top of the Tower. Jill taps her foot. Jack asks, “Where were you?” Phyllis says she was with Billy.

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Victoria and Travis arrive at home. She’s feeling bad for Victor, Chelsea, and Connor. They talk about Jack’s theory of not trying to control the ones you love – it worked for them. Travis agrees to join Victoria in Seattle…but first things first. He kisses her.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon, Kevin, Michael and Chloe rehash the memorial. Kevin wonders why Victor didn’t confess. Chloe makes an excuse and leaves. Talk turns to Kevin’s relationship with Chloe. He complains she keeps putting her walls back up.

At the roadside memorial, Chloe reminds Delia that she promised her Adam would pay, and now he has.

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In his office, Victor tells Nikki how he’d hoped to work side-by-side with Adam. Nikki is supportive. Once alone, Victor looks at Adam’s photo and grimaces in pain. He flashes to their last conversation at the cabin.

At the penthouse, Chelsea has Adam flashbacks while Nick puts Connor down. Nick joins Chelsea, who keeps asking, “How could he leave us?” Nick hugs her and leaves. Chelsea flashes to renewing her vows with Adam and fondles her ring.

In an undisclosed location, hands in black leather gloves hold Adam’s wedding ring and put it in a drawer.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

At the hospital, Dylan rushes up to Abby and Stitch. “Stitch! I need your help. Needs to be off the record.”

In jail, Luca says, “I loved you, Summer. And I know you loved me.”

Billy asks Jill, “What do you think I was doing today?” Jill replies, “You were sneaking around with Phyllis.”

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