At Michael’s, while Maggie is warning Kevin, Daniel and Cane to stay out of their investigation, and fitting them all with GPS ankle monitors and taps on their cells, Agent Bonacheck blames them for Amber’s disappearance! As Daniel and Cane briefly bicker, talk of Carson comes up and Cane, Daniel and Kevin wonder where the man has disappeared to! Later, after Daniel and Kevin leave – and go their separate ways – Daniel calls Kevin from Newman screaming into his cell phone for the cops, who are monitoring their calls, to find Carson then says, “If you find him, you’ll find Amber!” Once Daniel hangs up, he takes a knife to his ankle monitor!

Cane joins Jill and Kay at Jabot while Agent Bonacheck questions Jill and Kay about the large amount of money buried on the estate. Once the agent leaves, with much regret, Cane asks Kay to please put up the money that the kidnappers are asking for ransom! While Cane waits outside for them to talk things over, Kay feels taken advantage of but Jill stands behind Cane and says, “He’s my son!” When Cane rejoins them, Kay and Jill agree to help him get Amber back.

At The Club, Neil is furious to find out that Devon was hit over the head during the break-in! After giving Lily and Devon the third degree, Neil makes them promise to always keep him informed in what goes on in their lives. Later, brief stopping by the coffeehouse, when Neil tells Paul to find the person who broke into Lily’s house, Paul informs him that Carson may be the one who did it – and that Carson had a file on his son-in-law in his possession!

Later, seeing Maggie questioning Carson at The Club, Neil lunges toward Carson and demands to know why he has a file on Daniel. After Maggie reminds Neil that he can’t go around accusing people, Carson claims that Amber stole his savings, says that he thinks Daniel and Kevin were involved but denies having anything to do with the break-in! After Carson leaves, Neil says, “I could kill that guy,” and Paul replies, “I didn’t hear that.”

When Neil arrives back at Newman, he confronts Daniel and says, “You’re a punk!” No matter how much Daniel asks Neil to get out of his way, Neil holds him back and calls Maggie to report that Daniel is trying to run off! After Maggie arrives, she asks Neil to leave her alone with a cocky Daniel then warns Daniel to straighten up!

At The coffeehouse, after Ji Min tells Kevin he’s sorry about Amber – and her kidnapping – he says, “I hope it all works out.” Shortly after, when Carson shows up, Kevin warns Carson to get out! However, Carson denies any wrongdoing but accuses Kevin and his friends of stealing his money! Kevin warns Carson, “If you hurt Amber…” After Carson leaves, Agent Bonacheck shows up. Although Kevin gives him grief – even jokingly accuses him of using stolen money to buy a coffee - the agent warns Kevin that once Amber is found they’ll all be questioned in this case!

When Daniel arrives at Crimson Lights, as he’s digging in his pocket for some coffee money, Kevin and he find a note in the tip jar from the kidnapper asking them to deliver the money – without notifying the cops or the treasury agent - or Amber dies!

At Newman, not wanting to dredge up her affair with Brad, Sharon tells Jack how nervous she is to testify at Phyllis’s trial and says, “Maybe I should’ve just lied to the grand jury like Brad did.” As Jack comforts her by blaming Phyllis for the extortion, Jack is shocked to see Phyllis standing in the doorway - having overheard him!

Jack quickly excuses himself, follows Phyllis into the break room and apologizes with a comforting hug. Little does he know Sharon is now spying them from the doorway!

After Sharon goes into the NVP office, Brad arrives and tells Sharon that Phyllis deserves to go to jail then says, “We’ll have to talk about our affair in open court - because of Phyllis.”

Later, in Victor’s office, Phyllis hands Summer over to Nick with some instructions for while she’s in court. Just as Phyllis is walking out the door, Nick stops her and says, “Hey, good luck.” Once Phyllis leaves, Nick watches as Brad, Jack and Sharon join Phyllis in the elevator on their way to court…

In the courtroom, Paul informs Michael that Maggie is wiring Kevin with a GPS system as they speak. When Paul suggests Michael tell Phyllis about Daniel’s involvement, Michael calls Kevin and demands that Daniel tell Phyllis. Shortly after, Phyllis arrives. Hearing that Daniel hasn’t contacted her yet, Paul fills Phyllis in on the situation involving Daniel! At Phyllis’s persuasion, as Michael is trying to stop the trial, Phyllis hands Paul a credit card and says, “Please help me son.” Just as Brad, Sharon and Jack arrive to court, Michael rejoins Phyllis and says, “The motion was denied. The judge wants to start the trial right away. In tears, Phyllis is led into the courtroom…

As the trial starts, Nick quietly enters the courtroom and takes a seat behind Phyllis, giving her some comfort. During opening statements, Heather asks for justice against what Phyllis has done while Michael voices his counter statement by claiming that Phyllis’s words to Brad were taken out of context - therefore misinterpreted! As Phyllis nervously looks back at Nick, he winks and nods in support!

When Brad takes the stand, he points Phyllis out as the woman who extorted him! During recess, although Phyllis tells Nick that he can leave, that she doesn’t want him to hear anything bad about her, Michael insists that he stay! Once Nick agrees, Phyllis and he leave the courtroom to where Nick warns Brad if anything bad happens to Phyllis, he’s going to blame him! However, Brad points out all of Phyllis’s faults then court is called back in session! With Brad, Sharon and Jack watching on, Nick takes Phyllis’s hand and leads her back into court. Although Jack doesn’t want to leave Sharon alone outside the courtroom, he wants to listen to Brad’s testimony and heads back in!

Once court resumes, Brad is questioned by the prosecution to where he once again states that Phyllis blackmailed him. When Michael cross-examines Brad, and accuses him of never liking Phyllis, Michael manages to make Brad admit that he voted his conscience during the Newman board hearing and picked the best man for the seat - Neil!

After Brad is excused, he leaves the courtroom, stops and briefly looks at Sharon as a guard says, “They’ll be ready for you soon.”

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Sharon, Neil and Nikki take the stand at Phyllis's trial.

In an attempt to save Amber, Cane plans an exchange for the ransom.

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