At home, Luca chats with Travis online. “I am done with lying soulless peacocks,” Travis declares. Santori warns him that his life could be in danger from Victor and encourages him to keep sailing away from Genoa City.

At Brash & Sassy, Nick and his sister argue about Summer’s marriage plans. Victoria is sure that her niece will come to her senses. “We’re talking about Summer,” he reminds her. He thinks only Travis can get through to her. All Victoria needs to do is call him. She gives in. Her brother gives her some privacy. When she gets Travis on the line, she tells him about the situation and asks him to come back and clear his name. He refuses. She tries again so he hangs up.

At Newman, Summer defends Luca to Victor and her mom. They insist they are only looking out for her. She won’t listen to them. She’s furious and accuses her mom of being just like her grandpa. Victor is still looking into the oil spill and insists he’s not trying to railroad Luca. He mentions that he spoke to him, and Summer admits that he didn’t tell her about it. Nick arrives. His daughter accuses him of being in on this and storms out. Nick tells them his plan failed.

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When Summer gets home, she asks Luca about his meeting with her grandfather. She’s worried. Even her dad is opposing their marriage. She needs to be sure her family is wrong. He explains that Victor asked him to keep quiet. The mustache has been setting him up. Luca tells her how much he loves her. She throws her arms around him and assures him she wants a life with him. She’s still determined to get her family to the wedding.

At the club, Bethany finds an envelope with her name on it and a key inside.

Bethany goes to the bus station. After opening a locker with the key, she finds a bag of money and a passport.

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Billy wanders around at home, sighing at the re-decoration, until Jill pops up. It’s not his home anymore. She says he’s free to live where he wants. Jill tries to play the nostalgia card but he claims he’s a wanderer. She insists that Victoria is his real home. He throws her mistakes in her face. She’s sick of that dead horse. He concedes that he was happiest with Victoria and the kids… but that’s all over. Bethany shows up and comments on the ‘mausoleum’ re-decoration. She and Jill snipe. Jill refuses to leave them alone so her son has to beg. Once she’s gone, Billy tells her that he and Phyllis are over. He wonders if she’s after more money. She’s offended and storms out.

Billy stops by Brash & Sassy and finds Victoria looking pensive. They catch up on her day and the Summer situation. She feels like she’s turning into her father. Billy offers to help out. Victoria tells him of her failed attempt to recruit Travis’ help. She’s starting to wish she sailed off with him. It could have been nice, but she stayed for Billy.

Nick and Phyllis go to the club. She beats herself up about her failing plan. Jill pops up and Nick escapes. Jill interrogates the redhead about Bethany. Phyllis plays it down. Jill doesn’t buy it. She exits when Bethany arrives. Phyllis insists she’s back with Jack and happy. She wonders why Bethany is stirring up trouble instead of spending the money she gave her. Phyllis storms off and Bethany flips through some receipts behind the bar, clutches the key and smirks. Meanwhile, Phyllis and Nick talk strategy.

Bethany shows up in Victor’s office with the cash. He plays dumb. She wonders why he wants her to disappear so badly.

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“You don’t just sleep on the couch because you and your wife had a disagreement,” Mariah says to Dylan and Sharon.

“Will you do me a favor? Stop lying to me,” Jack tells Phyllis.

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