At home, Summer pulls away from Luca’s kiss to get to her dress fitting. Luca looks forward to later.

In Victor’s office, he and Phyllis video chat with Nick about Summer’s impending nuptials. Phyllis informs Nick that Luca proposed because of his little speech. Victor wants to show Summer who Luca really is, but Nick’s come up empty. Victor vows he’ll take Luca down and have fun doing it. Phyllis stresses they need undeniable evidence. Nick knows Luca sabotaged Newman to make Victoria look bad and tried to blame it on Travis. Victor wonders about Luca’s focus on Vikki’s ex-boyfriend. He phones Luca, who is busy composing a press release about his nuptials, and summons him to the office. Victor confirms to Nick and Phyllis that his plan involves tequila. Later, Victor asks his lackey to locate Travis Crawford and to provide background checks by tonight as Luca arrives. Victor checks his surveillance – Luca was eavesdropping on his conversation outside the door. Luca’s invited in. Over drinks, Victor and Luca discuss the wedding and the oil spill debacle. Luca claims he unintentionally heard Victor mention Travis Crawford’s name – he expands on why he considers him the likely culprit and offers to find him. To Luca’s amazement, Victor accepts his offer…but still won’t give him office space.

Spotlight on… Drucilla Winters’ shocking death

Kevin apologizes for asking Mariah to play matchmaker with Chloe at the police station. He’s realized he needs to show Chloe himself that things can be different. Mariah calls him an idiot. She says Chloe made it painfully clear she doesn’t want to be with him – he reminds her of losing Delia. Mariah adds that Chloe was trying to pair him with someone else. He asks, “Who?” Mariah calls him an idiot again, advises him to love someone who wants to love him back, and storms off. Kevin phones in an order for delivery.

At the penthouse, Dylan is stunned to see Chloe and questions her. She tells him she lives there now. Dylan is skeptical about the situation and wonders if her doctors know. He muses that a mystery woman helped set Adam up. Chloe insists she returned for positive reasons and introduces him to Bella. Chloe reminds Dylan he ran off with Connor out of grief but got better, and so did she.

At the design studio, Summer joins Chelsea and Sharon, and blathers excitedly – her mother’s on the way. Sharon and Chelsea are surprised that Victor is ‘being really sweet’ about the engagement. Phyllis arrives and champagne is poured. She tells Summer there’s nothing her family won’t do for her. Chloe arrives and fills Chelsea in on Dylan’s visit. Mariah arrives and comments on Luca recently divorcing his ex-wife. Summer wonders why she can’t just be happy for them. The others pitch in to say nice things. Mariah finds this weird. Wedding mistakes are discussed and remembered, including Billy sleeping with Sharon the day he was marrying Chloe. Mariah beats everyone with the Ian drugging her story. Summer picks a dress design. Later, Mariah confides she hopes Summer will be happy this time, and Chelsea asks Chloe if she’s okay before leaving. Once alone, Chloe suggests that Mariah should be with Kevin again. Mariah says it’s not an option. Flowers arrive for Chloe from Kevin, but Mariah lies that they’re for her.

Kevin spots Dylan running Chloe’s name through the system at the police station. Kevin is angry he thinks Chloe could be the mystery woman. Dylan feels Kevin can’t be objective, and points out the coincidental timing of her return. After, Kevin re-watches the footage of Victor and the mystery woman.

Phyllis reconvenes with Victor in his office. He says Luca showed his true colors, and fills her in. Phyllis is pleased that Victor is screwing over the right person for once. Victor guarantees Summer will not marry that bastard.

Luca excitedly kisses Summer at home and says he was out getting a tuxedo. They kiss and make love on the sofa. After, Summer showers and Luca phones someone to say he’s been tracking the subject, who was last seen near Mexico. He wants them to find him and get back to him.

At home, Dylan is frustrated that Sharon also didn’t see the possible connection with Chloe and Adam’s case. Sharon wonders if he also sees her as permanently broken. Dylan knows Sharon would never hurt anybody on purpose. Sharon goes upstairs. Chelsea arrives and asks Dylan to prove that Chloe’s not the mystery woman.

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Victor says to Chelsea, “Remember one thing. I am Adam’s only hope.”

Paul hollers at Dylan, “Until you can learn to work within the system, you do not deserve to wear that badge!”

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