At home, Luca presses Summer for a quick wedding out of town, but she wants to be surrounded by family. Luca isn’t sure they’d come. Summer notes Phyllis didn’t freak out, and she thinks her dad will be cool. She’s concerned about Victor, but Luca admits he already told him the news and he didn’t lose it.

Lily and Cane discuss the twins’ family tree project before Cane leaves for work. Lily rejoins Charlie and Mattie as Jill strolls up and notes the many, many branches of the tree. As they chat, Neil arrives. Jill puts Billy and Victoria together on the tree before leaving. The twins ask about Neil’s parents. He claims he lost touch with them. After, Lily presses Neil for more information about his parents, and he admits his dad raised him after his mother faded out of his life – he doesn’t know if they’re still alive. Lily is appalled he just closed the door on his parents. Neil has no desire to find out what became of them. The twins call Lily away. Neil looks tense.

Spotlight on… Drucilla Winters’ shocking death

At Jabot, Victor tells Phyllis he wants to put their differences aside and work together to get Luca out of Summer’s life. Jack enters. Phyllis tells Victor she’s not interested in doing things his way. Victor warns Phyllis not to alienate Summer with her temper, and leaves. Phyllis tells Jack about the engagement and vows the wedding won’t happen. Jack urges caution. Phyllis tells him about Nick seeking proof against Luca. Jack again questions her. Phyllis hollers that Jack did nothing when Summer married Austin. Jack expects Phyllis to smile and let her marry Luca as well. Talk turns to Jill manipulating Billy. Jack maintains that Summer has to be allowed to make her own mistakes. Phyllis says she’ll do the right thing. Down at Brash & Sassy, Victoria describes a sexy ad idea to Billy, who pictures Phyllis in a gorgeous skintight gown and totally zones out. After, they are discussing the campaign when Cane appears and questions what happened to his idea, and why Victoria’s involved. Billy says she’s part of the team now. Cane assumes Jill’s behind it, and figures this is about Billy and Victoria pushing him out. Jill arrives. “It’s about the three of you.” Billy pronounces that a load of crap. Jill talks about competition fueling passion and Chancellor Industries being more successful than ever. The ‘dream team’ will work together to defeat Jabot and Newman. Victoria leaves to take her last foot out of the Newman camp. Cane and Billy talk about Jill lobbying for a reunion between him and Victoria. Billy insists he’s moved on. Cane asks who he’s moved on with. Billy wonders why he cares. Cane thinks Jill is doing the right thing because family matters most.

In Victor’s office, Summer asks if he’s really okay with her marrying Luca. Victor admits he disapproves of Luca – no one is good enough for her – but he spoke to the man because she loves him. Victor tells Summer that she’s always supported him, so he will always support her. Victoria arrives and Summer shares her happy news before leaving. Victoria figures no one is thrilled about this development. Victor claims Summer is free to make her own choices. Victoria is there to clean out her remaining things. Victor invites her to get to it. Once packed, Victoria tells her father they’re still family. He looks sad after she exits.

Soapbox! Y&R’s weird devotion to all things unpopular

At the Club, Jill fills Jack in on Victoria being back at Brash & Sassy with Billy. Talk turns to Summer’s engagement. Jack says it nearly sent Phyllis down a self-destructive path but she agreed to back off. He’s surprised she didn’t argue with him more. Jill knows Phyllis wants to make their marriage work. Jack muses it’s like she’s trying too hard. Jill thinks she’s coming to her senses.

At Summer’s apartment, Luca asks Phyllis why she wants them to wait to get married. She says Summer rushed into her first marriage and found out the man wasn’t who she thought he was. Luca lets her know Nick was responsible for him proposing. As Phyllis warns him about the perils of marriage and parenting, Summer returns. Phyllis claims she’s fine with them marrying. Summer says Victor’s on board too and she wants to get married as soon as possible. Phyllis tightly agrees to help. Outside, Phyllis calls Victor to warn the wedding is on a fast track and she’ll do anything to stop it, including work with him. “Together.”

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