Around the campfire, Dylan remarks that Sully clearly loves camping and obviously takes after him. Talk turns to Sharon’s poison ivy. Dylan decides she needs a doctor and they should go. Mariah offers to stay the night at the campground with Faith. Sharon and Dylan agree. Once alone, Faith asks Mariah about her childhood. Mariah appreciates the family she has now. Faith is glad she found them.

At the hospital, Abby tells Stitch she rented them a lake house for the Labor Day weekend. She wants to bring Max, but Stitch balks. Abby insists she genuinely wants him to join them, but Stitch makes excuses about his therapy. Dylan arrives with Sharon and the baby. Stitch watches as Abby holds Sully before giving Sharon an injection. Dylan teases Stitch about being horrible at setting up tents and talks about teaching his son. Stitch hopes to do that with Max as well.

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At the Club bar, Cane runs marketing ideas by a distracted Jill, and tells her he knows she has a side deal with Billy as well. Jill spots Victoria and joins her, hoping she’ll join Brash & Sassy. Victoria insists she won’t, but Jill rants about Victor not valuing her. Vikki doesn’t want to leave and give Victor what he wants, or to work with Billy. Jill gets Victoria tipsy on rum and all riled up about Billy’s horrible ideas for Brash & Sassy – using sports guys and bimbos to sell products. Vikki tells Jill she’ll talk to Billy, and totters off to find a taxi. Up in Lily’s office, Hilary wants to be the face of the foundation’s fundraiser. Lily scoffs at the idea and makes a motion to remove her from the board, effective immediately. Devon wonders why they’re not voting him out. Lily says his wife’s a media whore and he’s not. Jack calls for respect. The bickering continues. Hilary makes a direct appeal to Jack. Phyllis sneers and then jumps in to accuse Hilary of using her husband to salvage her rapidly tanking reputation. This deteriorates into Phyllis and Hilary fighting about Hil making a play for Jack while Phyllis was AWOL. Lily interjects that Hilary abandoned her marriage, and Billy jumps up to defend Phyllis. He brings the focus back to their mission, and Neil backs him up. Jack calls a vote on Hilary, and ends up with the tie-breaking vote. He’s about to vote her off the board when she announces they’re settling with the lawsuit victims tomorrow. Jack likes the compromise and lets her retain her board seat. Outside the meeting, Phyllis tells Billy she can’t leave her marriage. “It’s over.” At the pool bar, Abby calls Max’s facility to arrange to check him out for the lake trip as a surprise for Stitch. She is dismayed by the response and asks, “What do you mean?” Ashley appears and Abby tells her that Ben doesn’t trust her. She explains he didn’t put her on the list as a family member at Max’s facility. Ash urges her to talk to him. At the bar, Lily and Neil fill Cane in on the board meeting. Hilary and Devon appear. Hil thanks Neil for siding with her. Lily snaps that he voted in her favor out of guilt, and tells Devon he doesn’t have to keep protecting her. Neil hopes Hilary makes the most of this opportunity. Once alone, Devon points out to Hilary that they could have settled in the first place and avoided all this fighting – she needs to get her priorities straight. Hil says her priority now is loving him. In the dining room, Phyllis assures Jack no one will get between them. Nearby, Jill takes note of them canoodling. She gets a second with Phyllis and whispers, “That was very convincing.”

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Victoria finds Billy at the Brash & Sassy office and slurs that they’re not selling beer. Billy laughs at Jill tactics, says the horrible marketing idea was Cane’s, and asks if Victoria’s drunk. They sit on the floor and recall being drunk in Jamaica. He remembers she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. Billy asks Victoria to help him push Cane out of Brash & Sassy. She passes out in his lap.

Sharon, Dylan and Sully return to the campsite. Dylan tells Sharon they have a beautiful family.

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Abby confronts Stitch at the hospital about the facility not recognizing her as Max’s stepmom. Stitch doesn’t want her to have to deal with that. He admits he saw her with Sharon and Dylan’s son and realized he’s not ready to have another baby as he promised. Abby says they’ll have one when the time is right.

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Kevin says to Mariah, “I want to get back with Chloe, and I need you to help me make it happen.”

Victoria tells Jill she would very much like to come back to Brash & Sassy. Thrilled, Jill embraces her.

Victor says to Chloe, “You think about your little baby. I want those pages, and I’m going to get them.”

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