At the penthouse, Chloe thanks Chelsea for inviting her and Bella to stay. They watch Bella and Connor play and agree Bella’s laugh sounds like Delia’s. Chloe recalls how resilient Delia was when she had leukemia. Chelsea acknowledges that Delia died anyway because of Adam, so Chloe will open up. Chloe talks about wanting to kill Adam and claims tearfully that she later realized he wasn’t to blame; it was an accident. Chelsea is thrilled she’s no longer interested in payback and hugs her.

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At Crimson Lights, Kevin anticipates the DNA results. He thanks Mariah for being a great friend. Mariah learns he hasn’t talked to Natalie since Chloe showed up. She arrives as Kevin’s phone rings. Mariah tells Natalie she’s missed a lot. It’s a wrong number. Kevin fills Natalie in on Bella and then goes to try and call the lab. Mariah warns Natalie that Kevin wants this, but Natalie doesn’t want him chained to his ex. Mariah says he’ll always love Chloe regardless. After, Natalie asks Kevin if he’ll try to get back with Chloe. Kevin insists he’s had time to come to terms with what happened.

At the Club pool, Sharon dries the baby and tells Faith they can plan something special. Nearby, Stitch and Abby are happy to be back on track. She glances at Sully and is okay. They canoodle and Abby asks about Max. Stitch admits it’s a long road ahead. Abby is optimistic. In the dining room, Ashley informs Devon and Hilary she’s been cleared. Hil thinks it’s great and Devon is glad the medical project is behind them. Ash informs him it’s not – they’re all being sued for fraud. Hilary is certain they’ll win this, but Devon wants to settle. Hilary gets heated about not backing down. Ash hisses at her to listen to her husband instead of her ego. Arguing ensues. Ash warns Devon to move fast before the press gets a hold of this, and leaves. Devon wants Hilary to respect his opinion. She urges him to think this through – they have to fight this to clear their names. Up at the pool, Ash finds Abby and Stitch, who departs. Abby tells Ash that all the darkness is behind them and Ben wants another baby.

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Mariah arrives at the penthouse. She can work with Chloe, but won’t turn her back on her. Talk turns to Kevin’s paternity test. Chloe shrugs it off. Chelsea gives Mariah a couple of days paid vacation, and she leaves. Chelsea asks Chloe if there is really no possibility that Kevin’s the father. Chloe insists it’s the truth. She sticks to the random guy story. Chelsea notes Kevin still cares about her. Chloe gets a call that the paternity test results are back.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin ditches his plans with Natalie when he learns the paternity test results are in.

Nick arrives at Sharon’s place to ask Dylan about the original pages from Sage’s diary. Dylan thinks it’s possible they exist. Nick thinks it changes everything. They debate about whether Victor’s behind it, and Nick wonders how the mystery woman figures in. Dylan laments that the case is closed. Talk turns to Adam having the fight kicked out of him. Nick doesn’t think Chelsea will sit back and wait to see. Sharon comes in with the kids and Dylan urges Sully to kiss his Uncle Nick, who puts him for a sleep. Sharon suggests a family trip. Dylan proposes camping as Nick chuckles and leaves. Dylan admits to Sharon he is investigating Adam’s case behind Paul’s back. She agrees to the camping. Mariah enters and is told to start packing. She tries to get out of it, but Sharon guilts her into it.

On the camping trip, Dylan and Faith are enthusiastic about pitching tents…Mariah and Sharon not so much.

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Nick arrives at the penthouse. After he and Chelsea talk about Sharon going camping and families being together, she wonders what he’s doing there. Nick wants to know what she and Adam are up to.

At the hospital, Stitch gives Kevin and Chloe the DNA results – they look at them together.

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Summer says to Luca, “You think I should stay at Newman Enterprises. Why would I do that?”

Michael notes Adam seems to be in a better frame of mind. Adam replies, “I think I am, because I think I’m about ready to get out of here.”

Victor wonders if Adam told Nick he’s the reason he went to prison. Nick asks, “Are you?”

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