At Kevin's apartment, Daniel and Kevin agree that Carson wants the money. Cane wants to call the authorities but Kevin thinks they're wasting their time and need to take care of this on their own. The men make their way to the door but when Kevin opens it, they're intercepted by John Bonacheck of the US Treasury Department, "I need to ask you a few questions," he says, flashing a badge. Kevin warily lets him in and introductions are made. Bonacheck informs the trio that he's tracking money that was found to have been used in Genoa City. Guarded, the men act surprised to hear this and wonder what it has to do with them. Daniel calls the Department of Treasury to confirm Bonacheck is indeed from the Department of Treasury, and afterwards he shows them a photo of Plum and says he's behind the disappearance of $700,000 dollars. The guys claim ignorance and John informs them that a large sum of the money was spent on a motorcycle. "The serial numbers match the money." He lets on, and the purchase was made in the name of Amber Moore Ashby. Cane looks guilty and Bonacheck notices.

Adrian receives a surprise visit from Colleen, (The role of Colleen Carlton is now being played by Tamyn Sursock.) who is just back from visiting her mother in New York. "I had to get her advice on a few things," she says and lets him know that although Tracey isn't fond of her relationship with Adrian, she helped Colleen put things into perspective. When Colleen admits to understanding why Adrian was so angry with her, Adrian lets her know that he can't support her becoming involved in anything dangerous. He apologizes and Colleen in turn asks for forgiveness. They seal it with a kiss and passion on the sofa ensues.

Michael and Lauren meet Gloria at The Athletic Club for dinner. Gloria requests that this be a night to relax, so Lauren confiscates Michale's cell phone as she tells him, "Phyllis' trial is off limits tonight!" Phyllis shows up and immediately she and Michael argue over her decision to ask Nick not to make an appearance at the trial. Michael's reaction is to yell, "Why don’t you just tell the jury you're guilty?" Phyllis is visually hurt and jumps up from her seat and retorts, "Maybe I will." She moves to the bar, and Lauren goes to comfort her. Gloria berates Michael, but he tells his mother that he needs to be well aware of everything that Phyllis does, before she does it!

Back at the table, Gloria plans a lavish funeral for Will and says she wants to give him a send off befitting of his stature. She wants to rent the entire Athletic Club for a reception. Phyllis is surprised and doubtful that Gloria could afford to rent the entire Athletic Club, but is informed that she was left quite a tidy sum from Will's estate. As the ladies talk, Michael takes a call from Kevin, who pleads with his brother, without explanation, to get over to his apartment now! An annoyed Michael makes up a story about Kevin needing help with a rental car that broke down, and dashes off to his brother's rescue, leaving the ladies puzzled.

Lily reluctantly tells Neil the entire story about Daniel, Kevin and Amber stole the money belonging to Plum. She admits that they found a note claiming that Amber was kidnapped and whoever has her is asking for a ransom - namely the money that was taken from Plum. Neil takes this rather poorly and orders her to wait for him at his apartment until he can find out what's going on.

Neil arrives at Kevin's apartment and opens up to Bonacheck about Amber's kidnapping. Cane makes it known that he has nothing to do with this sordid mess and agrees to tell Bonacheck everything he knows if it'll help Amber. The two men go out into the hall, while Neil reams out Daniel for constantly hurting Lily and dragging Devon into his problems. He yells that he has given his daughter too many chances but this is the last one. He warns Daniel to stay away from Lily.

Over at Adrian's place, Adrian and Colleen's passion is interrupted by Lily, who tells them that everything's a mess. Adrian gives the ladies a few moments alone while Lily explains the latest on what happened between she and Daniel. Adrian comes back and tries to make sense of it all. Lily's nerves are shot while Adrian encourages her to report the crime. Colleen agrees with Adrian and he reminds Lily that if she doesn't report it, she'll not only be aiding and abetting a crime but she could be putting Amber's life in danger. Lily takes it all in and opens up about Daniels porn habit. She admits when they're not together, she wants to forgive him but becomes insecure later and winds up checking up on him when his back is turned. "I hate the person I've become," Lily confesses resentfully. She wishes things would get back to some sense of normalcy again.

In the hallway at Kevin's apartment, Cane comes clean with everything, to Bonacheck, and suggests that the man talk to Carson. He explains that Plum is dead, but doesn't know who killed him. Frustrated and visually upset, Cane tells Bonacheck that he's honestly not sure if Daniel and Kevin had anything to do with the death. In fact, he's not sure what to think anymore.

Michael shows up at the apartment and John Bonacheck introduces himself. He explains that he's investigating a crime that his client is involved in. Michael unenthusiastically agrees to represent Daniel in addition to Kevin, and his temper flares when he finds out that Cane has just notified Bonacheck of Amber's possible kidnapping. Michael takes Daniel and Kevin into another room to find out more information. He attempts to control his anger while he pressures Kevin to come clean. "Tell me you didn't kill Plum." He asks through gritted teeth. He rants and raves and calls Daniel and Kevin idiots. By the time Detective Maggie Sullivan arrives, he calms enough to reassure Daniel and Kevin that they're going to find Amber but they have to follow his lead and let him do the talking. They go out into the living room, where Cane is filling Maggie in about the situation.

Michael allows Kevin and Daniel to be questioned by Maggie. Maggie makes notes as the guys provide details about Carson, and Daniel requests that Michael keep this from his mother. At first, Michael hesitates but finally agrees to keep quiet for Phyllis' sake.

Back at the Athletic Club, Gloria discusses with Lauren and Phyllis how she wants to invest Will's money properly. Lauren receives a call from Michael, who explains he's at Kevin's place now and will be there for a while.

Neil picks up Lily from Adrian's place and fills them in on the situation with Daniel and Kevin. After they leave, Adrian leaves the room momentarily while Colleen makes a quick call to Kevin to find out what's going on. In the middle of Maggie's questions, Kevin tells Colleen that he can't talk and hangs up on her. Adrian walks in, overhearing part of the conversation, and asks why she can't see the danger of her actions.

In the hallway, outside of Adrian's apartment, Lily tells her father that she felt that things were going back to normal, but she realizes that Daniel has always been self-destructive. Neil apologizes to Lily, and is supportive. He admits he thought Daniel had changed as well. Lily is enveloped into a hug by Neil when she tells him she thinks she has made a horrible mistake by marrying Daniel.

Somewhere in a locked room, Amber screams, "Somebody help me! Anybody… please!" She sinks to the floor, sobbing and exhausted.

Next on The Young and The Restless:

Brad says, "Phyllis is responsible for everything that goes down."

Devon tells Daniel, "My sister will dump you!"

Neil asks Carson why he has a file on his son-in-law and Carson answers, "I don't need to answer to you!" Fists fly!!

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