Abby and Ben dine at the Club and talk about going to the movies or a baseball game. Abby wants to hit up a spa near Max’s facility, but Ben suggests they just head home – it’s closer. Abby smiles.

At Crimson Lights, Summer tells Nick she got a real look at Luca’s agenda – he was gunning for Victoria’s job. “He’s a user, and I am done being used.” Nick says they knew he was getting inside information. Summer feels she’s dense. Nick reassures her. Summer will boot Luca out of her life on her own.

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Luca confronts Victoria in her office about Summer’s firing. He offers to step away if she’ll let Summer return without him. He only wants Summer to have another chance. “She’s the only reason I would ever stop fighting for this.” Later, Nick arrives. He and Victoria briefly discuss Victor’s appeal before talk turns to Luca. Victoria thinks he has genuine feelings for Summer. They debate about whether they’ll break up. Victoria muses about lingering feelings. She tells Nick about Travis leaving.

At home, Abby tells Ben she wants him. They undress while kissing and fall onto the bed. After sex, they agree not to lose their connection whatever happens. Abby suggests they stop using protection and see what happens. Ben says it feels like too much right now. He suddenly remembers an appointment, dresses, and leaves.

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Billy, at home, dreams about being with Phyllis. There’s a knock. Billy assumes it’s Cane, but it’s Jack. Billy complains about Jill pushing him aside in the house and Cane overseeing renovations. Jack shares that Phyllis moved into the Athletic Club. Billy thinks it’s good he’s giving her space. Jack laments not supporting her through the Victor thing. He hopes she’s not thinking of divorce. Billy advises him to skip his meeting so as not to run into Phyllis at work.

At Jabot, Ashley learns Phyllis left Jack and asks why. Phyllis says it’s been coming for a while. Ashley tries unsuccessfully to find out who’s at fault. Phyllis feels there’s enough blame to go around and announces she’s skipping the executive meeting to avoid Jack. After, Jack arrives and compares notes with Ashley. He doesn’t want to crowd Phyllis and Billy agrees. Ash thinks it’s the worst advice ever, but Jack insists Billy knows Phyllis. Ash advises him to seek out counseling and let Phyllis know he wants to work things out.

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Billy finds Phyllis in her suite. He tells her Jack mentioned the ‘d’ word, and asks if she’s made a choice between him and Jack. Billy assures her they’re not done; they’re just getting started. They start kissing passionately. Jack knocks. Billy hides as Phyllis lets his brother in. He listens as Phyllis says she didn’t mean to give Jack the impression she was thinking of divorce. Jack leaves because it’s what she wants. Billy emerges. Phyllis confirms what she said was for his benefit. At the Dive Bar, Luca confesses to Summer that he’s been using her to clear a path to move himself up at Newman, but something changed along the way – his feelings for her became real. Summer scoffs at him having this epiphany just yesterday. Luca tried to fix things and can’t bear to lose her. Summer informs him she already knew and set him up yesterday. Luca is impressed she played him and vows he’ll step away from Newman – it came between them. He asks if they still have a chance. Summer can’t trust him. Luca urges her to take time. In the dining room, Abby tells Ashley she and Ben reconnected and then it went off the rails. Ash says having a baby isn’t a fix. Abby complains Ben had to go to work. Nearby, Luca runs into Nick, who wants him to leave Genoa City. Luca informs him he’ll fight for Summer. At the Dive Bar, Summer updates Phyllis on the situation with Luca. Phyllis admits she and Jack are taking a break.

Ben sits alone at Crimson Lights.

At Billy’s place, Victoria storms in and confronts him about selling Brash & Sassy. He says that’s insane. Vikki shows him the press release.

At Jabot, Jack learns Phyllis never used the jet when she said she did.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis says, “Nothing happened.” Jack asks, “Then why did the pilot tell me you never stepped on the plane?”

Luca tells Summer, “You’re a Newman, entitled to your birthright, that’s why I’ve come to say goodbye.”

Billy punches Cane, who punches him back.

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